Sunday, November 4, 2012

November Brown Owls...Christmas is coming!

October Brown Owls was mistakenly booked for Show weekend in Hobart, so we moved it to the the first weekend in November.

Most people were making Christmas decorations; some for themselves, some for our Christmas decoration swap.

I was making felt matroyshka doll decorations (courtesy of instructions here) in jewel colours:

Lis was making reindeer from a pattern she is making up:

sorry for this terrible photo...

 My daughter beat us all and finished a decoration (though I was browbeaten into a lot of helping):

 Josie and Hillary had coincidentally both found the same pattern on Etsy and were making felt gnomes:

While Rachel bucked the trend and worked on an embroidery for her mum:

Next meet is scheduled for 24th November but is likely to move back to the 1st December, just to give us a better balance of meetings.  Then we need to decide on meetings for the New Year!

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Jack's Mum said...

Hey Chloe, I had a sneaky peak at the instructions for your doll - she had reduced the pattern - but it was really a matter of personal choice.