Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Brown Owls Perth (Bayswater) 2013 Update

Firstly, sorry for not regularly updating you all on what has been happening in WA!  It is tricky to make sure every information source is updated properly for each so I thought I would do one big post on our group for 2013 nice and early...

Anyone who is interested in coming along to our Perth-based group might like to join our Facebook group .  We have found the events calendar on here very useful and its also a handy space to ask questions and show-off what you might be working on!

We are also on Instagram - #brownowlsperth


Meeting Room at the Bayswater Family Centre - corner of Murray and Crowther streets, Bayswater.  This facility is used by other hirers too but we always stick a sign on the door for the meeting room!

Our meetings are always held on the third Sunday of each month.  Dates for up-coming meetings are:
20 January 2013
17 February 2013
17 March 2013
21 April 2013
19 May 2013
16 June 2013
21 July 2013
18 August 2013
15 September 2013
20 October 2013
17 November 2013
15 December 2013

Meetings start at 2pm and finish at about 4pm.

We are a pretty casual group and mostly we run BYO craft meetings.  Most people coming along find it easier to just bring something they're working on - it also gives people a chance to work on slow-burn projects that they wouldn't normally get to at home! We have knitters, crocheters, embroiders, cross-stitchers, hand quilters and we get a fair bit of paper-based crafts too.

Every now and then we will have someone from the group run a small workshop on something that they're particularly good at.  We have had crochet, knitting, pattern-making and mosaic meetings before - but those meetings are quite flexible in that there are often people working on their own things as well.

We don't have a membership fee but we do ask for a gold coin donation to help with venue hire.

Anything else I should bring?
Sometimes members will bring a plate or packet of something yummy to share but there is no obligation or scheduled food roster.  Everybody leads busy lives and we don't want to add another commitment.  If you would like to bring something along it will be welcomed but if not, no matter!

Do I need to tell anyone I am coming?
Nope!  You can just turn-up.  If you want to check-in or have questions, feel free to email - shodgson(at)westnet(dot)com(dot)au or silverthreadsofhappiness(at)gmail(dot)com

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UdyRegan said...

I think it is a really good initiative that you Brown Owls have come up with which is to have a regular meetings like this. It is a really good platform for fellow craft enthusiasts here in Perth to get together and exchange ideas and skills with one another. The beginners can learn from the more experienced participants while the pros can learn a new thing or two from others as well. It is a win-win situation that helps to keep people busy by taking part in their most favourite hobbies.