Friday, December 13, 2013

Brunswick Brown Owls say HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU!

Allanagh and her flighty felt friends

Happy Holidays from the Brunswick Brown Owls!

Well my dears, another year passes and another year of most excellent craftiness is looked upon with such fond memories. It's becoming quite the mission to make our wonderful meets from the Macedon Ranges, but after a fun evening with all you clever chickens, it's all worth it!

Our last gathering of little owls for 2013 will be on Wednesday 18th December at the Sporting Club, on Weston St, Brunswick, opposite Barkly Square at 7pm.
Bring you own festive project or whatever it is you've been working on lately. Summer hasn't really hit hard yet, so knitting and crochet are still comfortable pursuits! Yay!

Our first meet for 2014 will be on Wednesday 29th January at 7pm, same place, with a SHOW AND TELL session after your summer holidays. I'll be showing you my pudding-filled belly. Not baby filled. Trifle-filled. Mince pie-filled. You know... Bring your show and tell too!

Thank you to all who have supported the group this year. It's your presence that make it a big old Christmas present, and it won't be a crafty wonderful group without you. If you've been super busy this year, or Wednesday nights are a bit annoying, then DO TRY top make it out next year. You know, try and have a bit of crafty time with you. I promise we don't bite!

We plan on doing some macrame, crocheted bowls, sewing skills and other excellent things next year. AND IT'S FREE! OH MY GOODNESS! HOW ON EARTH! FABBO!

If you've got ideas for this years gatherings, or you'd like to run one, please do communicate to us in some way. There's lots of ways. Join our Brunswick Brown Owls Facebook page so you can get in on the fun too.  We have over 170 members and you can be a part of our crafty community too. Come along and learn some new skills with us!

Love and felt finger puppets, Stacy (aka Maggie Pie).

Kimmy's ADORABLE pony presents!

Ant's amazing sticks and hook holder

Hello Polly

Debra's AMAZING Christmas baubles- what a whizz!

I printed 100 of these. Was it enough? No...

Allanagh finished her pin cushion Casey!

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