Monday, July 20, 2009

Brown Owls Perth July Meet...

Hello Perth Brown Owls. It's that time of the month again. This month we will be heading out to do a little bit of shopping at the "Made of the Left Markets."

This season, Made on the Left will be held over 2 days and we are excited to see what is installed for us this season.

So rug up and meet us at the main entrance (the entrance near the car park) at 10am and at 10.15am we will start to have a wonder around the markets.


Date: 25th July 2009.

Place: Hyde Park Hotel
331 Bulwer Street
West Perth WA

Time: 10am

RSVP: by 24th July so that we know how many Brown Owls are coming.

If you want to know more about the markets you can read about it over HERE

See you there!!


OSIER said...

i'll be there but i cant walk around with you! i'm stuck behind my stall! eep! make sure you come and see me :(

jessica said...

i'll be there!

and, lauren, i'll watch your stall for you if you want to have a look around.

craftapalooza said...

I'll be there!

Elle said...

Sorry I can't make it this time - my tiny baby girl is turning five!

Elle said...
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Kgirl said...

Hey ladies! I'll be there. And this time I will actually turn up. i was unwell for the last meeting and didn't want to infect you all with the dreaded lurgy :)

felicakes said...

I will be there and we will have a HOOT. LOL. Gettit? No. It's ok. it's late and I am a little bit lame. :*) Can't wait.

StitchyAddiction said...

Sorry, I am going to try and make it but don't wait for me. We have a friend over from Sydney for the weekend.