Monday, July 20, 2009

Softies at Brisbane Brown Owls

Brisbane Brown Owls had a fabulous day yesterday cutting, stitching knitting, crocheting and chatting about softies.

There was loads to show and tell including these cute guys Emma made from the Softies book. The orange ant eater softie is her own design, we hope to see more of them!

We all clucked over this little family Sandra brought along, their beautiful little faces were created with teeny tiny embroidery stitches.

Amy got straight to work on Miss Buttons, loving the choice of fabric!

Sam powered through a pile of Bloomin' Buttonhead Brooches.

Thanks ladies for the monthly fix of crafty fun!

*** For our August or September meeting Katy has offered (ok, we talked her into it) to give a Yudu Screen Printing demonstration. If you are interested in seeing how the Yudu works leave a comment to let us know. To read more about the Yudu, check out Katy's blog. ***


Kim Wallace :: Udessi said...

Sorry I missed it! Would love to be there for Katy's Yudu screenprintng demo – yes please!

amy said...

nice pics bec, it was such a lovely morning. i just put some pics up of miss buttons' finished legs (and i didn't even need you to help me with every single step - progress!) i will be in for the screen printing :)

Lis said...

I'd like to see the yudu demo!

Jetta's Nest said...

What a lovely day! The Buttonheads are just about ready to jet off to their bit day out :)

I'd love to see how the yudo works.....and then I'll NEED one!!


Thea said...

I'd like to see how it works. Do you have to be a member?