Thursday, July 23, 2009

Melbourne - Monday 3rd August - Dip and Chip and Snip and Sip and Swap Night!

Members Only Event


Hi Owls -

The next meet is on MONDAY 3rd of August - from 7pm til 9pm! (We are not meeting this coming Monday night.) RSVPs are open from NOW - and we will take 25 RSVPs! Off you go!

Please bring something to snack on/share - preferably something in the dip/chip department!

And bring a project you are working on too -don't forget your scissors - that's the Snip part.
(If you are stuck for a project please email me for help - meetmeatmikes(at)gmail(dot)com)

We will provide tea and coffee and white wine - that's the Sip part.

Bring a little crafty/second-hand/handmade package to swap. Your package should have at least 5 things in it. It should be wrapped up and chosen with care. It should not have cost you more then $5 (hopefully MUCH less!!!) - ideally it should be made up of things you already have. So you don't need to spend a cent if you don't want to! You can just pass things on that you might not need. So that's the Swap part!

Please come to the REAR of the Fitzroy Learning Network (not to the front door - I don't want ot interrupt the meeting rooms in the front by making them let Brown Owls in!!) The rear door is at 6 Wood Street, Fitzroy. See map below. It IS a bit dark, but there is a sensor light that will come on as you near it. If the door is shut just pound on it! And it's FINE if you are a bit late. Really. It is!

RSVP - Members only please
CHIP or DIP - bring please
PROJECT - BYO or email Pip
SWAP - bring please (see above)
SIP - don't bring, I will!
ALSO - if you have any crafty/creative books you'd like to share with the other gals on the night, bring those to!
PLUS - i forgot the prizes and the prints last week - so I will not forget this time!


Anonymous said...

that is the best theme name ever. I'm in. Erin L

Kim said...

Yes yes yes. I shall come along too.

Kim P G

PS Pip, you were in my Home Beautiful this morning! Hoorah!

frangipanisue said...

i certainly shall be there indeedy yes. super theme, i love it.
see you then
sue h

Nicole Johnston said...

Nicole J

Anonymous said...

sounds lovely. see you there...
Cindy A

Tish said...

I'm in! Shall bring something chippy since I'll be coming straight from work. Tish

Leah said...

Sounds good. Thanks Pip.
Leah d

Jemma. said...

I'll come along, and bring something yummy too.
Jemma J.

Cindy said...

Yes please Miss Pip!
Cindy H

Anonymous said...

Me too, pretty please! Catie M

brookebird said...

I'd love to come...brooke w

AMM said...

Looking forward to sipping and dipping.
Andrea M

Princess kirstie jane said...

Yes please, rhyming and alliteration - how could one resist.
Kirstie L

miss fancy said...

Yes please - I'd loove to come along Jessica N

Nycole said...

Yes please! Nycole W

Anonymous said...

I would love to come for some sipping and snipping!

Shannon R

Bronwyn said...

Please count me in
Bron H

kalliopi said...

yes please!

Kalliopi V

Unknown said...

Amanda K-P

Unknown said...

Amanda K-P

Lila said...

Does being part of the Facebook group make me a member? If so, please count me in.


Joanna said...

Excellent - I will be there!! Jo K

sivonne said...

Hi Pip - I am always attracted to events with rhyming titles! Count me in - Sivonne B x

Anonymous said...

Yes Please!

Sarah Z

Rachael said...

Count me in! See you there :)