Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mitcham Brown Owls

Hi Owlie Girls,

here is our project for July,

Egg Carton Book

Don't judge this book by its cover!
This cute little book is made from recycled objects and designed to hold spare buttons for your clothes - you know that spare button you got with the cardi you bought last month, and then can't find when you need it? This little book gives you enough room to stick in all the buttons and a little message about which piece of clothing it goes with.

Where Gallery One
1 Torrens Street

Ph 8272 4504

When : Tuesday the 13th of July 7 - 9.30 pm

Please bring a clean egg carton, buttons and bits of ribbon.
You will also need blue glue stick, scissors, old manila folders and magazines, and your favourite marker pen.

Cost New Members : $10 Once of Joining fee $4. room hire.

Gallery One has a number of Craft Activities scheduled for the next two holiday weeks, you could learn the art of Zen Tangles, how to make an inside out shopping tote, how to crochet a granny square and many more, just phone the gallery on 82724504 for more details.

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Martine Stockwell said...

Sorry ladies but I can't make this one as I have a late badminton match. I'll pop in afterwards though to return Adeles book. xx