Monday, July 26, 2010

Yarraville Brown owls

What are you up to on Monday the 2nd of August?  Nothing much?  Live or work in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne?  If you are an old seasoned owl or a new chick wondering whats going on come along and have a sticky beak. 

Time: 7pm-9.30
Place: Yarraville community centre.  We are in the lovely building on Francis St.
Cost: $3, plus change if you want tea or coffee


Anonymous said...

I'll be there. Can't believe it's been a month already...does that mean that winter will be over soon?

Sarah W

emsveen said...

I can't make it this time...I'll be relaxing in the sun in Bali! See you next month


Sarah Gardiner said...

A friend recommended this to me today, and i can't believe theres a meeting so soon and close to my house. Exciting. Ill bring my craft bits and see you there.

Jo said...

I've been waiting for a Westie craft group! Yay... I've got pottery classes for another 4 Mondays but would love to come after that.