Monday, January 31, 2011

New Tasmania Brown Owl Group

Dearest Brown Owls I am calling out to YOU yes you ,

I am extremely interested in making a Brown Owl group on the north west coast of Tasmania, I am located in Latrobe and am just putting out feelers to see if there are many people interested in attending a group in this area before I start to organise anything.
If you are interested and not close to area that the meeting might be, being held in  that need not matter we can have a changing roster so that it meets everyones needs who is interested.
I personally think that this is a tremendous opportunity to get a new group started and spread those hidden talents and learn some new ones !

Hope to here from all you owlets
Lili xx


Lianne Gould said...

Hi Lilli
I hope you get lots of Owls and have a great time. I run a group at Mitcham in South Australia, and if I can help you with patterns or anything, please let me know.
Kind regards,


Lili said...

Hi Lianne , Thanks so much for the lovely offer, I have yet to get much of a response but i'm still spreading the word. Hopefully something happens with it and if i need any help with patterns and what not i'll be sure to let you know :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lili,

Where would you like the group to be based specifically? I may be able to help the momentum if you're happy with Central North (Deloraine), as I am wanting to establish a needlework type group here. I'm a stall holder at the Deloraine Craft Centre, and they've got a teaching room, but I have to wait until the end of the month for a meeting to propose the idea... If you're a facebooker, like this for updates. Otherwise we can chat here for a bit.

Kind Regards

Anna said...

Hi Lili,
Thanks so much for posting, it's wonderful timing for me - I have just moved to the area from the mainland & would absolutely love to be a part of a Brown Owl group to meet new people & share/learn new crafty things. I'm into all things crafty - don't seem to be able to stick to one pursuit - too many great things to make :-)
Please send me an email ( & let me know how I can assist in getting things up & running.
Kind regards,

Lili said...

Hi, Katara,
Thanks for the offer, it was something that I hadn't thought of before. I have added the suggested facebook page and will keep an eye on it.Lili

Lili said...

Hi Anna,
I sent you an email last weekend but I haven't herd from you yet, and was just checking to see if you had got it or not ?
I am very keen to have you on board to help with this brown owl group.