Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Canberra Brown Owls 19 February - Embroidery!

Praying Mantis for Felix

Fancy doing some stitching? It's a great way to snazzy up bibs, onesies, handkerchiefs and tea towels! Perfect for gift giving and it makes hand made stuff really special.

Tea towel in progress

Our first meeting for 2011 will be held on Saturday February 19 at the Downer Community Centre in Frencham place and we will be learning how to stitch with embroidery thread, or if you know how to do that already, bring your current stitching project along! Please RSVP in the comment s box below so we know you are coming!

Here's the requirements list:

* $5 for the afternoons hall hire. Includes tea and coffee.

* a small plate of food to share for afternoon tea, only if you desire

* Something to stitch on. I suggest a plain hankie,a plain (flat fabric!) tea towel,or a onesie or plain bib.

* Some stabliser if you are using stretch fabrics such as onesies or t-shirts. Wash-away or tear away stabiliser will be fine (you can even use tissue paper!), or if you are happy for the stabiliser to be permanent bring some lightweight fusible interfacing.

* Embroidery needles. I use crewel needles, size 9. The eye has to be big enough for you to thread with embroidery floss.

* Embroidery floss in several colours.

* An embroidery hoop. If you can avoid it, don't get the cheap wooden ones from Spotlight or Lincraft. They collapse and are generally useless. Get a plastic one, or a good German wooden one from a craft shop. They are not expensive.

* Scissors

* Wash out pen, or pencil for tracing

* any stitching patterns you might like to use. Do an internet search for some freebies, or buy some online from places like Sublime Stitching. I will be bringing a lot of patterns along on the day, but you won't be able to iron transfer them on - a light box and the window will be available for tracing though!

Some free resources:




Sublime Stitching hankies

And the meeting time has changed! It's now 2 pm to 4 pm, and the dates for this year are:

19th February
19th March
10th April
21st May
18th June
30th of July
20th of August
17th September
22nd of October
19th of November

Make sure you put them in your diary!

Love from your prefects,
Bron, Georgie, Naomi and Michelle x


Anonymous said...

Hello, I have been inspired to start a Brown Owls group in London, does anyone have any lovely tips for starting up the group?
Kind Regards Sandy.

Jill said...

I am interested in coming along, but I haven't been before! I hope that's okay. Maybe I am missing something, but it doesn't seem to say where or if there is a cost for the venue. Are you able to let me know please?

Unknown said...

I'll be there! I am so attending more meetings this year.

Great choice of craft to start the year off!

See you soon!

Michelle said...

I need to fix this post don't I! Sorry about that We meet at downer community centre and the cost is $5. You also need to RSVP if you want to come along, just so we know how many tables and chairs to set up.

Alison said...

I would like to come. A great way to get some stitching ideas out of my head and onto fabric.

Bron said...

Yes - I'll be there!
I can't wait! - embroidery is my FAVOURITE!!

JenMeister said...

I'll be there :)

Thanks for supplying the dates for the rest of the year in advance! Though I noticed that 10th April is a Sunday... is that Intentional?

Michelle said...

Hi Jen - yes, the 10th April is a Sunday, and it was intentional. We've had a LOT of problems just getting the room booked, and we'd been double booked for the Saturday (9th). The following weekend is the start of school holidays, and we did want to have an April meet, sooooo ... this was the only date we could get!

Jill said...

Cool! I will be there!

Eleanora said...

I've never been before but I'd love to come along. See you on the 19th.

twitchy fingers said...

I'm afraid I'm out this month... I did so want to do this one too! Naomi

Lea said...

I wish I could make it - but we will be at Luna park!

eightzerozeroone said...

Long time lurker! I'll be there on the 19th :)

Juliette said...

I'm interested in coming and hopefully bringing 1 or 2 friends - only catch is I've never done embroidery. I can do basic sewing though so just wanted to forewarn you I may be hopeless but I'm very enthusiastic...

Unknown said...

Sounds great! I haven't been before and will be bringing someone else with me.

Unknown said...

I will be there. Nicole

Mandor said...

I'll be there though leaving a little early for proms :D

Domerella said...

Hi ladies

Unfortunately I am a no this month.

Look forward to next months meeting.

Jo said...

Not sure if I will make it tomorrow because of work/kid stuff- I be there if I possibly can be. Have a great time all!


Anonymous said...

I will be there! Looking forward to this one very much ;)

eightzerozeroone said...
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Mandor said...

We've had family stuff come up. Sorry I can't make it guys :(

nettie said...

ow no. I forgot to rsvp. But I will be coming. Sorry to get in so late.