Saturday, April 2, 2011

:: Brown Owl Member Profile :: Lili from Devonport

Lili and Edie!

Name :: Lili Alexandra Endelmanis Foster

Brown Owls Group You Belong To :: co creator of the Devonport, Tasmania Brown owl group

Lives :: In a lovely federation house with lost of garden in Latrobe

Lives With :: My Marj, Dad, Brother, Sister and my little baby girl Edie

Pets :: lots and lots! That's what comes with having lots of land, plus being a bit of an animal lover/hoarder/impulse buyer some of them to just name a few are Bernard and Mo the cats, Bella and Ettie the dogs, Hester and bob the gold fish, Followed by lots of chickens, Ducks some more fish and an old grey horse

Favourite Crafty Thing To Do :: Making vintage clothing although they are a pain and I do mean a pain I just love the way they remind me of a by gone era. Saying that I also love to make these special little woodland felt animals that I make!

The Best Snack To Make To Is ::MMM that's such a hard one for me because food is my other great love and so is cooking... If i could narrow it down to a top five it would be
Cheesy scones
Lemon syrup cake
melting moments
and maybe left over chocolate self-saucing pudding or a simple pear and walnut cake
And of cause you need a drink to go with all these yummy treats and for that I would have to say that would be a nice mug of spiced tea with condensed milk!

Favourite Crafternoon Music :: Nice mellow background music such as The memory machine by Julia stone and triple j's like a version

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Allana said...

Nice to meet you Lilli! :)

Allana said...

oops Lili :)

meetmeatmikes said...

Such a cute toga party photo Lili!!! Xxx

Lili said...

shucks thanks :) It was lots of fun to dress up to

Anonymous said...

Hello! I am interested in joining a brown owls group, and I am living in Devonport. Would you be able to send me some info perhaps?