Wednesday, June 22, 2011

:: Brunswick Brown Owls on Channel 31

Do you remember that Channel 31 filmed the Brunswick Owls and guest teacher Sue Halliday? Here is the follow up message from the show Made By Hand (via The Brunswick Owls page!)

A message from Tracey Wightman. 

"Made by Hand, our craft television series, is well underway with production for our 9 episodes. We are having a terrific time filming stories and I am grateful for the amazing access we have been given into your studio's and workspaces. It is an absolute privilege.I am thrilled to report that we now have a broadcast date for the 9 episode series. Broadcast will begin on Wednesday 29th June, 2011 at 8:30pm on C31. We are so excited to have this prime time-slot! Don't worry if you might miss it...all episodes will uploaded to our website each week after they are broadcast, available for viewing at your leisure...  ...I hope you enjoy the episodes - your feedback is most welcome and greatly appreciated. It has always been my ambition to showcase the amazing, world-class, craft talent in Victoria. I hope this series and our promotion might bring a new audience to appreciate your work and creative efforts.Many many thanks again"


Forgotten Fancies said...

I just heard of your crafty group on FBI radio. Sounds so exciting, I can't wait to go to my first meeting. Oh and congrats on the tele series, can't wait to catch it on tele too.

Miss Maggie Pie said...

The gorgeous parliament of Brunswick Brown Owls meet again tomorrow for a Hoot-a-Long at the Sporting Club, Weston St, Brunswick. We will be meeting in the Ladies Lounge at 7pm before shimmying in over to the man Land to watch the Channel 31 TV show premier of 'Made By Hand', in which our crafters star! We're unsure which episode just yet, but it looks gorgeous anyway! Join us tomorrow for discounted tapas, a drink, lovely ladies and lovely chats with the lovely ladies! Bring a UFO and a friend!