Wednesday, June 15, 2011

:: Facebooking Good Looking!

Hey ho!  (Not that you are a ho... it's just an expression!)  I just wanted to pop by and say go you guys. Look what you are all doing. Sheesh and wow.  Very awesome.

AND I wanted to say that HEAPS of good stuff and chatter is happening over on Facebook.
Of course you know about the main Facebook group.  But of course there are lots of little splinter groups (ow!) on Facebook for various chapters.  You can join the OTHER chapter's Facebook groups, to be privvy to what they are all up to, even if you are not in that chapter.  It's a good way to gather ideas and friends, and to see how other people are doing the Brown Owls thing!  Also you can perhaps swap project ideas and tutorials for Brown Owls meetings too, which is incredibly time saving and share-y and totally what the Brown Owls spirit is all about!

If you do write a tutorial/project for Brown Owls, you could save it as a PDF (via Microsoft Word) and upload it to Issuu.  Then other Owls can download it from there for their meetings.  (It is free to use Issuu!)

There is a list of the FB groups in the sidebar : and I shall copy and paste the group list PLUS the full contact list below for your convenience!  If you start a chapter Facebook group, be sure to add it to the list (if you are not sure how, just send me a message!)

Adelaide:: Cherry, Gillian Melissa & Susan FollowAdelaide on FaceBook

Adelaide :: Mitcham :: Julie and Lianne
Brisbane :: Rebecca & Sam : Follow Brisbane on Facebook

Perth :: Bayswater :: Sarah

Perth :: Como :: Lisa and Pip

Tasmania :: Burnie Area : Allana
Tasmania :: Devonport Area : Lili
Tasmania :: Launceston Area : Gemma

Melbourne :: CBD 3000 :: Sue
Melbourne :: Preston :: Keti

Melbourne :: Brunswick :: Stacy

Melbourne :: Eastern Melbourne :: Jemma : Join the Brown Owls Eastern Melbourne group on Facebook

Melbourne :: Footscray :: Helen

Melbourne :: Outer Eastern Suburbs :Kaz

Melbourne :: Southside :: Katrina at Windsor Deli and Shannon

Sydney :: St George and Sutherland Area :: Thouraya
Sydney :: Bec and Jess : Join the Brown Owls Sydney group on Facebook

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