Monday, July 11, 2011

Brown Owls Melbourne 3000 - last monday: some pics and words

Sorry for my tardiness! 7 sleeps since the 2nd super gathering of the Brown Owls Melbourne 3000 group and I have only just got around to putting up some pics and some words of the beautifully random eclectic chatty kindof crafty evening we shared last Monday in the glorious hospitality of the parlour room at Madame Brussels.

There was talk of coffee, of tea, of namings, of births, of historical fascinations, of health, of fancy mocktails, of many other things .... oh and a little bit of good crafty skill sharing.

This is Chloe, she learnt to crochet at our last gathering (thanks Teacher Tanya!), and now look at her, on to her next project - a lovely amigurumi bunny egg cosy - super! and the granny square she started last time - check it out now, its a granny square of goodness indeed - brilliant!:

Here is super Shannon and her cowl.

And Kitty and her handy apple cosy - handy!

Jess and her stitching. She made her cross stitch too short - doh! Jess told of her fond memories for her no-space-bar laptop called Bernie and stories of shocking haircuts.

Linda and her scarf. Linda is a good chatter, she knows lots of very interesting and inspiring things. She also is very generous in sharing her snacks - yummo babaganoush, thanks Linda!

Anna and Gemma - slippering and faceclothing in a crochet stylee. Anna was awarded Fancy Lady Award of the night, mostly due (I believe) to her dedication to the slipper cause and subsequently wearing only one shoe for most of the evening. Gemma sported a super new haircut!

Pip and her Nanna Pop, super dooper crochet popcorn blanket. Did you know... one of Pip's books was written on a laptop without a space bar - amazing. Super new haircut too - lovely!

And..... me getting overexcited about my granny square clipboard cover - will it be done by next meet? Well.... you'll just have to come along and find out.

Thanks all so much for coming along, such a lovely group of people to spend time with and share in lots of laughing, random conversations and a bit of stitch, knit and hook.

Do come along and join in next time. It really is jolly easy and friendly and a great place for sharing and not shy inducing.

Next Gathering: Wednesday 3rd August - stay tuned for more details.


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meetmeatmikes said...

I had the best time Sue!!! Thanks for being such a great hostess!!!!