Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Canberra Brown Owls 30 July - scrabble tile pendants

Hello lovely Owls,

Brrrrr, I hope you’re all keeping toasty warm in this wintery weather! Our next meet is approaching – Saturday 30 July – so here are some details for you. I’m a bit excited about this one!

We’re going to give scrabble tile pendants a go this month. Aren't they pretty? There are quite a few tutorials on the web (I’ll link to several at the end of this post), and of course an image search will throw up dozens of examples.

from makes and takes

Because you need a few specialist supplies and only a little bit of them, we’ll provide kits for those who want them this month. For $5 you will get the makings of 3 pendants: wooden tiles, bails (the little bit that makes them into a pendant) or brooch pins, glue and glaze.

You will need to provide the image you want to put on the tile – either paper or fabric. Remember that your tile is only 1.5 cm square, so look for an image or pattern that will fit on the tile to give the look you want. A chance to hit the scrapbooking paper stand!

Now, the glaze takes around 48 hours to dry properly, so you will need to bring a small container to transport your drying tiles home in – a takeaway container, for example.

Please rsvp in the comments, and tell us if you need a kit so we can make sure we have enough supplies. As usual, there is a $5 fee to cover the hall hire, and please bring a plate to share for afternoon tea.

So to recap:

Saturday 30 July, 2pm – 4pm

$5 for hall hire & bring a plate

$5 for kit – please mention in rsvp

Paper or fabrics for your pendant image

A small container to transport them home in

RSVP in the comments!

We do hope to see you there!

Bron, Naomi, Michelle and George xox

Have a look at some tutes here, and here, and here and here.


Georgie said...

I'll be there - natch! I'm so excited about this meet!

Michelle said...

I'm in, and I'd love a kit!

Looking forward to this one so much!

Michelle said...

Woohoo, I can make it! Would love a kit (and if you have enough would love two please)

Bron said...

oooh i'd love to come but i'm away that weekend! have fun!

Unknown said...

I'm totally in and would love a kit please.

Rock on, I'm so jazzed about this one!

Josie said...


I'm new but I'll be coming and I'd like a kit please. Do you need any more information for me?


Josie said...

Sorry, I'm not sure why that came up as anonymous. Fixed it now.

Also, is it still in Downer?


Anonymous said...


I would love to come, and I will also need a kit. It'll be my first meeting. Farah :) - faa151@hotmail.com

Georgie said...

Josie, drop us an email at canberrabrownowls AT gmail DOT com and we'll add you to the mailing list.

Yes, we're still at Downer - look forward to seeing you there!

twitchy fingers said...

I'm in and would love a kit please! Naomi

Jo said...

I'll be there and could I also have two kits please?

Mandor said...
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Jule said...

I'm new but I'd love to come and try this. My friend Jo also wants to come and we both need a kit.

Is it at the Downer scout hall?

Glenn said...

yep i'm in too and will be needing a kit - this will be my first brown owl's.

Anonymous said...

I will be there too.
Sandra A.

cristy said...

I'll be there and would like a kit please. Yay!

cristy said...

Oh if possible could I get two kits so I can bring my daughter and she can participate? If not, I'll share.