Thursday, November 24, 2011

Brown Owls Melbourne 3000, December Festivi-mo gathering

Announcing our very special Christmas gathering on Tuesday 13th December.

In our November meet there were a few requests for crafty moustache making (and why the devil not). So having missed the ideal opportunity for doing moustaches for Movember I thought why not do Movember in December. And what's more christmassy than moustaches (!?!!?!). So you may be inundated with more festive stylee invitations involving tinsel and baubles, but I encourage you to break with tradition and come and festively celebrate with a mo. Festivi-mo!

Of course if you'd rather you can BYO project of any type you like and just join in us in mo-spirit.

Other ways you can join in are by supporting this good cause - we will be having a good old fashioned raffle. And I have been able to aquire some GREAT PRIZES, including:
- a Madame Brussels gift voucher for a Garden Party for two
- a copy of Pip's lovely book, Make Hey While the Sun Shines
- a Crafting Health gift voucher for a one hour luxurious massage

brilliant! brilliant! brilliant! thanks to all our lovely prize contributers. And thanks to Madame Brussels too, for agreeing that we can approach their other patrons on the evening with the view to trying to sell a few more raffle tickets.

In addition I have set us up our very own Movember fundraising page, so if you'd like to contribute but can't make it along on the evening then if you would like you can follow this link to make a donation and donate to 'my team' (please read it as 'our team') which is aptly named Brown Owls Melbourne 3000! Feel free to pass this link onto anyone else that you feel might like to contribute.

I have been scouring the net for patterns and have come up with these ones below (for which I've gained permission, where necessary from the creators for us to use) - thanks to Tara Murray, Marion Clark and Louie.

Of course if you do some scouring of the net I'm sure you'll come up with a moustache of equivalent merit - a moustache in felt and simple stitching I think would work a treat.

For moustache wearing / adornment there are a few options - elastic, stick holder thingos and eyelash glue. I'll bring along some wooden kebab skewers (I reckon there'll work a treat, as long as we're careful with the pointy ends!) and some eyelash glue, so that's the latter 2 covered.

Here are some details:

when: Tuesday 13th November 2011
at: 6.30 - 10pm
where: The Parlour, Madame Brussels, level 3, 59-63 Bourke St, Melbourne 3000
bring: moustache making equipment as per your crafty choice, whether that be crochet, knitting, stitching, patchwork etc (or project of your choice)
cost: no fee for attendance but you may like to purchase a drink or a delight from the Madame Brussels menu, by way of a thankyou for room usage
RSVP: in the comments section below please - indicating your name eg. Sue H

As you may know I do like a fancy frock, so I encourage you to join me in donning a fancy frock for the evening, they'll set off our moustache's so fabulously. I'll bring some extra dress up frocks if there's room in my Brown Owls bag. And to top it off tastically I'm going to bring some wigs, I only have four, so if you have one bring it! Our photos are gonna be brilliant.

So.... It's gonna be a SUPER SPECIAL meet, let's make it the best of the year. Bring friends, bring menfolk. We'd love to see more menfolk. We'd love to see more friends.

Will be lovely to see you. Dont forget to RSVP in the comments below, with your name.

Happy Festivi-mo!



Shannon said...

I shall be there be-frocked Sue!

I'll have to see if I still have my feather boa wig/hat thing I made a few years ago (quite a few actually)!

Go the mo!!

Katiecoos said...

Hi Sue,

Sounds fantastic!

I don't know if I have a "super good frock" but I'm sure I can get some crazy accessories!

I'll spread the word and see if we can get some funds together!

Kate :)

kittybaroque said...

AWESOME! Totally in!!!!

meetmeatmikes said...

I am TOTALLY coming along! xx

Yots said...

Im there - need to find glittery stuff to wear though!

Karinya Hubbard said...

We would like to come!

We being Clara McKay and Rin Lincolne!

Michelle said...

Shall be there all frocked up!!

Anonymous said...

I'll be there
Jennie ; )

nikkij said...

Would love to come along! This will be my first Brown Owls...looking forward to meeting everyone :{)

missedwardskenyanadventures said...

I'm coming but I have no glitter, or wigs or fun frocks really! Please bring any spare for a poor backpacker trying to settle in Melbourne! :-) Jae

Tania Bishop said...

I'm coming along! It's my first Browl Owl's meet. I thought it a crafty way to end the year!

Annie said...

Thanks Sue, looking forward to Tuesday night!

Ann & Marea. :o)

Yots said...

Sorry Sue - I'm unable to come along now. Sounds like a fun night and I'm sorry to miss it - have fun!

Lee T said...

Hi Sue,

Will be happy to don a frock and celebrate with you all! Going to be a great night

Lee x

Jen said...

I am coming.... but have only just read the post so will be sans everything fun, but shall check my desk for some bits and pieces...