Friday, January 27, 2012

Brunswick Brown Owls make Pomtastic Paper Pom Poms with ZOE

Wednesday, 1st February, 2012

Brunswick Brown Owls make

Pomtastic Paper Pom Poms with ZOE

The delightful Zoe, who has been practicing her paper pom pom craft skills, will be taking us through a workshop on Wednesday 1st November at 7pm at the Sporting Club, Weston St, Brunswick, Victoria.

You will need:

1. 8 – 10 sheets of tissue paper -

a. to make large size this will be using 8-10 standard sized full sheets of tissue paper, to make smaller ones you can cut the standard size up

b. Thicker tissue paper is easier to work with if you can get it

2. Wire (I will bring a whole heap of wire so people will not need to bring if they don’t want)

3. Sharp scissors

Zoe says, “They are incredibly easy to make so they certainly won't take a whole session to make depending on how many people want to make. So if you do want to go ahead with it I would suggest that people bring other stuff as well.”

“My friend has a market and she took these photos of ones I made for her market. Her market is called the Little Village Market Elwood.

Welcome back to the Brunswick Brown Owls for 2012! Please note the change of fortnight; we’ll be rotating from here. If you can’t make it, we’ll pop up photos of the evening on our Brunswick Brown Owls facebook page so you can watch the fun too. We have almost 100 members, and you can be a part of our crafty community too! Come along and learn some new skills with us, and feel free to bring some materials to share!

The Sporting Club still has delicious tapas (4 for the price of 3, bargain!) and they even have discount price cocktails! Bonza! What a night! Bring your friends!

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