Monday, July 13, 2009

Canberra Brown Owls - English Paper Piecing

Hex's, originally uploaded by tutti fruiti.

July is just slip-slipping away from us, and our next meeting is on Sunday 26 July!

We are going to learn how to do English paper piecing. It's a patchwork technique, and is possibly something your mother or grandmother or great-grandmother used for piecing quilts. It's a load of fun, and once you know how to do it, the possibilities are endless! You can make a flower out of hexagons and applique it to a skirt or a tote bag ... or make a doll quilt ... or a cushion! Check out Flickr for more ideas!

I will be offering kits of pre-cut piecing papers and a bit of template plastic, and they will only be a few dollars (under $5). If you need a kit, please let me know by Tuesday night 14th July! I need to order the shapes from WA and they take time to arrive. (It's OK - I've ordered enough for everybody, so just let me know by the 22nd so that I know how many I have to package up.

If you go with the kit, all you need to bring with you are:

* scraps of fabric that you like (at least 3 inches square)
* a pencil
* (sharp) needles, pins and thread
* a pressing stick/Clover presser/paddlepop stick.
* $6 for the room hire

See you at Downer Community Centre at 2 pm on the 26th! Don't forget to RSVP below!


Michelle said...

Hooray, I can make this one!

Michelle W

Unknown said...

Count me in and a kit too please! Renae B.

Dainey D said...

Count me in

Bron said...

oooh! I can't make it! =( (I have a date with Russel Robertson, you know) BUT I would like a kit, if that's ok?
Bron S

Ruth K said...

ooh me please - if I am allowed to be a Brown Owl by then???

I would like the template kit too please!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I can make it and I'd also love a kit.Thanks. Melissa

Bec said...

I'll be there ;-) and I'd love a kit please.

Michelle said...

Me too + kit

JenMeister said...

I'll be there, and I'd like a kit :)

Anonymous said...

Hey I have finally managed to join - yippee!

I would love a kit if there is still time to get one.


Michelle said...

Yes, there is time for a kit. You all have until next week to let me know.

Anonymous said...

Yes I will be there and I would like a kit. :-) Ta Jodie W

Joanne said...

I'll be coming and will also need a kit- I hope its not too late Michelle.


Anoofi said...

Yipee! Finally i can make this one. Looks like were free of the winter lurgies. Touch wood!
Would love a kit too please.

Cathy D said...

Hi I have just arrived in Canberra from Adelaide. I am a Brown Owls member there and was hoping I could join your group. Is there room for me this Sunday?

Michelle said...

Cathy - absolutely. Come along!

Let me know if you need a kit too.