Thursday, July 30, 2009

Canberra Owls lay back and think of England

well, English paper piecing, at least!

Sunday was a cold, rainy, miserable afternoon in Our Nation's Capital, but neither rain nor hail nor sleet nor snow (and we were pretty close to the last, I tell you!) could keep the intrepid Canberra Owls from their crafting.

Once again Michelle took the lead, making up kits using templates from the Lizard of Oz, and showing us the how-to. Hexagons all round.

Fabulous fabrics abounded, and I understand there was an extraordinarily low rate of needlestick injuries. Not bad for a bunch of (mostly!) novice piecers!


We traded a few fave fabric shopping spots too - Additcted to Fabric and Calico Patch if you're a local, and Kelani and Fabricworm were recommended as well. Tell us in the comments if you've got another! Because we love the enabling!

Next meet - freezer paper stencilling! Stay tuned for details....

til next time!

Georgie xo


meetmeatmikes said...

Oh it all looks ace!
Good work piecey papery owls!
Intrepid indeed!!

Michelle said...

I am so pleased about the low needlestick injury rate!!

Great afternoon!

Cathy said...

Looks like a lovely time - I was soooo sorry to miss out - I had to stay in adelaide an extra day and didn't make it back in time - hoping to come and meet you all next time - adelaide brown owl - now in canberra - cathy

Emma said...

It looked like a fabulous afternoon. I'm very sad I'm missing out!