Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Melbourne - Let's Do Embroidery! - Monday 13th July - 7pm

Members Only Meeting ::

We're doing some lovely embroidery on Monday night! OR you can BYO craft! It's up to you! Our embroidery will be perfect for beginners - and fun for those in the know too!

Want to come? RSVP here in the comments after 8.30pm tomorrow night. I need your first name and initial - and your requirements for the night (read on!) - We have 20 places. Here's the details:

Monday 13th July - 7pm til 9pm

Where - Rear of Fitzroy Learning Network - enter via Wood Street

What - Embroidery - Bring your own embroidery project or I can bring one for you!
Or - Bring your own craft project and go on with that!

Cost - free this time - but $5 for an embroidery kit if you want one! You MUST RSVP if you need me to supply you with a kit - and a needle, floss and scissors to use on the night too. Need a kit? RSVP your name eg "Pip L : Embroidery Kit" or if not "Pip L : I'm bringing my own craft!" - so I know!

Snacks? - Bring something small to share! Some cheese, dip, nuts, fruit would be lovely! Bring some wine or juice if you would like to!

Swap? - Some Owls suggested a swap at each meet! If you want to swap (and you don't have to!) bring fabric larger then 50cm x 50cm - each piece wrapped individually and we'll put it in the swap pile for those that want to! If you want to swap one piece - bring one piece! If you want to swap six pieces - bring six pieces! If you don't want to swap - bring nothing!

Plus! We're having prizes this time! So you best come! If you have been too shy up 'til now - here's your chance - and if you came last year and are out of the habit - COME! It'll be fun!

xx Pip


Unknown said...

I will most certainly be there and will bring my own embroidery thanking thee most most kindly - hooray!
sue h

polly pratt said...

Hi would love to come ,Mum will be with me and we will bring some craft with us.

Anna B-D

Sayraphim said...

Oh, I would love to come! I've got some embroidery that's been sitting around for a bit and I'm dreadfully keen to start it but haven't found the time yet. Perfect!

Sayraphim L

Anonymous said...

I'll be there!
I'll need an embroidery kit please.
Steph E.

Anonymous said...

Count me in please.
I'll need a kit too.
Emma W

miss fancy said...

Yes please, count me in Pip! I will be bringing my own stitching wip Jessica N

Anonymous said...

Count me in please!
I'll bring my own embroidery (or maybe crochet!)

Shannon R

Cindy said...

Yes please and I will BYO
Cindy H

Cath said...

I would love to come too. Will BYO stitchin'. Woohoo!!

Becca said...

I'd like to come. I'll bring my own I think, but if the kit is tempting I might spend some cash.

Becca C

Erin said...

I'll be there with my own embroidery project. Erin L.

kim bagot said...

me too please

kim b: embroidery kit


Joanna said...

I'll be there! I'll need embroidery materials. Thanks heaps. Jo K

Kathryn M said...

I would love to come. I'll bring my own embroidery.

Kathryn M

Anonymous said...

I will be there. I do need help working out how hook up my granny squares but I would also like an embroidery kit too please...Many thanks Lara

miss willow said...

Embroidery newbie, so I'll have a kit pretty please. Kirsty Mc :)

Anonymous said...

Would love to come but don't know if I can yet Pip - a busy couple of days coming up in my household. If I can make it I'll BYO craft and I'll check first if there is room for me. Thanks! Lara F

miss willow said...

Sorry for the late notice, but I won't be able to come tonight. Bummer... Kirsty Mc