Thursday, July 16, 2009

Melbourne - Tuesday 21st July - Change of Event - RSVP from Now!

Hi all!

Edit - This event is Members Only - but email me on Monday and I'll let you know if we have room for you lovely Non-Members!

We've postponed the Blogging/Mixtapezine chat on Tuesday night - as we are planning a special event in conjunction with Mixtapezine! But we're STILL going to meet on Tuesday for BYO crafting instead! NOT on Monday night! On Tuesday night! Okay?! For BYO craft - got it?!

You can RSVP from NOW - and the details are as follows:

Venue : Rear of Fitzroy Learning Network - enter via Wood St - adjacent to Napier Hotel
Date : Tuesday 21st July
Time : 7pm - 9pm
Numbers : 20 places available
What : BYO Craft
Bring : A piece of cheese or some nuts/fruit to share
Drinks : Tea and Coffee and Crackers will be provided - bring wine if you would like to!

See you then!!! There will be prizes due to extreme popularity of prizes last week!!!

xx Pip


thornberry said...

Yes please - would love to come along. Shall BYO craft.

Lara F

AMM said...

Looking forward to coming.
Andrea M

Lucy said...

is this members only??

Anonymous said...

count me in lovely owl & byo my own craft

Keti D

brookebird said...

I'd love to come...
the other brooke

Unknown said...

hi yes would love to come thank you
sue h

frangipanisue said...

hi sorry very tired forgot to change accounts, i would love to be there. thank you
sue h

Cecelia said...

yes! Count me and Elissa in, we couldn't make the last one but will def be here this time.
Cecelia & Elissa.

Anonymous said...

tops I'm in for Tues - I'll bring stuff to do!
Emma W

Anonymous said...

Count me in for Tue!
Steph E

miss fancy said...

Yes please Jessica N

Anonymous said...

Yes please!
Shannon R

Nycole said...

Hi Pip - I would love get off my butt to come along! will be only my 2nd meet this year...

kate said...

Hi Pip,

I will see you on Tuesday.


eness said...

I've just stumbled across your group and am an interested non-member, I would love to come along and find out more if you have any vacancies.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pip, soory I'm not going to be able to make it tomorrow nightafter all... :(
Steph E