Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gocco with Sydney!

The very best thing about owls is that we learn and share and help each other. Don't you agree? Tonight, Sydney Owls were lucky to have a gocco demo by Lisa and Manu. Jen brought a third gocco along, so everyone got a chance to try some gocco printing. We printed on paper. We printed on fabric. We even printed on noodle boxes. We had an amazing night.

I was in the back room, so most of the designs show were created by Lisa of The Red Thread. But both rooms were had quite the buzz! Rockets, stars, birds and ornaments. Probably the biggest hit of the night was the gocco stamper. I heard rumours of gals planning to concoct their own!

It was another terrific one for the Sydney gals. We've got quite a few demos to round out the year and roll into the next! Start clearing your calenders --

Early November - Tatting, Leichhardt
Mid November - Softies for Mirabel, Lane Cove
Early December - Owls Christmas Party and Secret Swap
January - Design Your Own Name Badge
Coming Soon - Bookbinding with Michelle, Brown Owls field trip and more!

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Jessica Lonard (The Crafty Librarian) said...

Super impressed you got this up last night! I still haven't charged my batteries to get my pictures off the camera. Oops. Will do so soon!