Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sydney Owls Meeting Next Week - Gocco Demo

Hello lovely Owls,

Our next meeting is Thursday 22nd October at our Lane Cove venue: Centre House.

Manu and I (Lisa) are bringing our Goccos and Gocco Stamper for a demo and the chance for everyone to do some printing.

We will have 4 designs to make screens from and you can choose which of them you'd like to print - there'll be something Owly, something Christmasy, and... a couple of others, yet to be designed. Any requests?

Please bring paper, cards, fabric, or whatever you'd like to print onto. Depending on how many of us there are you might get to do around 40 prints (it's pretty quick), so come prepared! We should probably all BYO some craft too, and some snacks would be good as well.

We'll also ask for a few dollars each to cover the costs of Gocco materials, and don't forget that have to pay for the venue (about $5 each, depending on the number of people).

So, RSVP on this post. Hope you can make it!


Amy Badskirt said...

I'm going to try to make this one! Thank you Lisa and Manu for putting this together for us!

Jessica Lonard (The Crafty Librarian) said...

I hope to be there as well! Fingers crossed! I will bring something to eat and something to craft as well (^_^)

Degrassi said...

I'm hoping to come, ankle permitting (it's brought to me today by Technicolour with delightful shades of blue, purple, lurid pink and yellow and just a hint of peach!)

With regards to the paper to print on, would you recommend anything in particular or would good ol' A4 office paper do the trick? Are there any types of paper that you WOULDN'T recommend either?

X Jordan

PaperLion said...

Gocco is enough to bring me to my first 'over the bridge' Owls event!

I've had a Gocco since 2007 and haven't actually used it yet (dreadful, I know) - would you like me to bring it along? I don't have heaps of screens and whatever the other bits and bobs are but can people at least use the machine??

Let me know and I'll bring it along if it will be useful.


lisa :: the red thread said...

Jordon - your ankle sounds terrible... but better to be post-wedding than pre. Yes, any paper - it's good to experiment. A4 office paper is fine too.

Jen - yes, it would be great if you could bring yours too. Don't worry about supplies, we'll have those. Thanks.

Amy Badskirt said...

I am now a definite yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

fiona kate said...

I will be there!

Bec @ honi design said...

Thankyou so much for organising this Lisa and Manu!! I'm off to Melbs the next day, but I'm totally in- I've wanted to see the gocco in action for ages :)

Pippa said...

I'll be there on Thursday,


Splinter said...

I would like to attend the Gocco Demo and join Brown Owls. could you let me know the details - thanks!!