Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adelaide - Make a mini book or BYO

We will be making mini books from playing cards and recycled paper!

They are small.
They are cute.
They are recycled.
They are easy to make.
They will make lovely little gifts.
They will fit inside your purse!

image: CutOut+Keep

When: Wed 26th May
Time: 7-9:30pm
Where: Box Factory - Adelaide Community Centre, 59 Regent St South Adelaide
Cost: $2 donation to the Box Factory
Numbers: We have room for 25 Owls - the first 25 to RSVP are IN!

What to bring:
  • 2 playing cards per book (front and back cover)
  • enough paper for 20-40 pages per book (you can put in more or less)
  • pencil to trace the pages
  • scissors to cut the pages
  • heavy thread or floss
  • hole punch
  • x3 pegs or x2 bull-dog clips
  • white PVA glue (supplied on the night)

If you are keen to see the instructions before we meet - do head over to CutOut+Keep. Thanks for the idea Elizabeth. A of Absinthe and Orange!

See you all then!

ps - if you'd rather not bind mini books with us feel free to BYO.


Unknown said...

I'll BYO - Mel W

Gillian R said...

I'm there fo' sho'

peata said...

they fit great into a card pack box too. alter the box.
toilet roll mini scrapbook comp

Anonymous said...

I'll put in a tentative to BYO. Cat M

rachel and The Story Tree Team said...

Great idea there!!

Anonymous said...

yep i will be there for sure and so will julie tis leonie hugs

Anonymous said...

see you there BYO.... carla

Unknown said...

Hope to be there but will prob. BYO. It's almost chilly enough for hot mead ... mmm ...!

Donna said...

I'll be there (will try to sneak cards out of the much loved deck on the coffee table... that should make solitaire a bit more challenging for the other half!!)

Megs said...

Donna - you cheeky thing!

I will be there but I think I will BYO :)

Anonymous said...

i'll be there not sure what i'll do but it'll be something! Sue F

Anonymous said...

I'll be there but will be doing some crocheting
Marlene R

Anonymous said...

Ill be there - Sherri

Anonymous said...

I will be there. Ruth

Unknown said...

I have to un-RSVP I'm afraid. Still have a sick babe to tend to. :( Mel W.