Saturday, July 16, 2011

Footscray Brown Owl Event: all welcome! Its tomorrow....

Yes Folks! tomorrow is FootscrayBrown Owls born to knit event. We are looking for crafty crafters with a couple of hours spare tomorrow to join us in our knit fest for a very good cause. Whats that? I hear you say you'd love to come but you are stuck with the kids? I say BRING EM!!!! The Happy River Cafe would have to be one of the most kid friendly parental stressfree cafes happening in Melba. So there really are no excuses to pop along and say hello and knit up a storm. So check out the details below.......

This months meeting of brown owlers will be participation in the save the children 'born to knit' campaign and we are extending an invitation to ALL Brown Owls across the nation to participate in our event.


Save the Children want to knit 15,000 blankets & need our help!

Our blankets could help save a life. Its a fact that tragically, 8.1 million children under the age of five die every year from illness.

A blanket will help a child stay warm and feel comfy and safe. Most importantly, a blanket can help ward against pneumonia, one of the biggest killers of children under five in the developing world.

So please one and all come and join the Footscray Brown Owls in a knitfest of an afternoon to knit a square or two.


You are asked to donate or bring your own yarn I have a small stash which Im willing to donate and would welcome for the event any donations of unwanted wool that meet the guidelines below. Im also thinking that recycled clean wool from a jumper etc should be fine also as long as it meets guidelines.

So bring your size 4 needles, your good cheer and enough for a cuppa and join us in this worthy cause.

Save the children have more details on their site.

But I have posted their guidelines below.

Guidelines for knitting your blanket:

  • Please use 4mm needles
  • Please use 8ply 100% pure wool
  • A perfect-sized blanket is made up of 16 knitted squares
  • Each square should be about 20cms x 20cms (44 stitches wide, 88 rows high)
  • The final blanket size should be around 80cms x 80cms

Details of Event

DATE: Saturday, 30th of July
TIME: 2-5 pm

LOCATION: Happy Footscray River Cafe Gardens (weather permitting)
Footscray Community Art Centre
45 Moreland St Footscray

If you can give an indication if you are attending that would be really helpful.

Cheers Helen :)

PS: we dont need to sew the blankets we just need to knit the squares so even if you arent a knitter please feel free to pop along and say hello relax with some other crafty project and have a cup of coffee or a glass of sparkles..........


meetmeatmikes said...

I will come! Yes!

Aimee said...

We have guests coming from interstate that day but I'll do my best!

Helenbeee said...

thanks Pip!
I have faith that your presence shall increase our average number of attendees from 2 to........more than 3!
But seriously, it would be very lovely to have you along if you can make it.

Aimee hopefully you can do a graceful exit suchas....."I'll just pop the desert in the oven" grab your kit and keys placed strategically by the back door. Partner entertains the guests and 2.5 hrs later Aimee appears carrying dessert into the room looking slightly flustered and disheveled.
Hmmm! sorry for the long descriptive post Im on holidays can you tell?

JanetS said...

I thought I had posted but it's not here!I will be there Helen, I love the Happy River Cafe! :-))
Lincraft are selling Born to Knit kits with wool needles etc for $9.95.

bec said...

I'm a 'hope so'- have had a terrible flu all week, so if i'm well, will be there! Otherwise next month....

Helenbeee said...

Bec it would be lovely but we understand that if you are sick your probably best left in bed to fight those nasty germies. We meet every month and will be knitting square beyond Saturday so you could easily start at home and come along to next months meeting.