Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Brown Owls Melbourne 3000 - Raspberry Ripple night was great!

wow! we had a great night tonight, it was really raspberrily ripply brilliant. but i forgot to take photos - doh! So I will have to try and paint a picture of the evening in words.

Stace, Anna, Sarah and Jen were the Ripplers, aided along by Pip's super ripple pattern which is just gorgeous, thanks Pip for all your fabulous generosities! Pip made a digital appearance via Skype which was super good, she was able to offer her wisdom in a vitual-techno-teacher kinda way. Hopefully next meet we'll have a ripple problem solving / work in progress catch up and if any Melbourne 3000'ers have any ripple questions why not post them on our facebook page, maybe Pip or another 3000'er will be able to lend a rippling hand. Claire will ripple at a later date, in the meantime, this evening, she indulged in some lovely red crochetness (washed down with some rather tasty looking berry punch).

Michelle and Caryn made pom poms, Caryn was wearing a great Nikki Gabriel garment which she'd knitted from pattern construction no. 3 - it was really very very nice, i believe the pom poms will be adorned to it soonish.

There was definitely some hook / needle envy for Yots' no. 10 crochet hook and Fiona's no. 10 knitting needles - supersizingtastic.

Chloe taught Mum Jan to crochet (isnt it great when you teach your parents really cool things), Jan bought her collection of knitted small animal creatures that were super cute, 'the whale' was the peoples favourite, personally i liked the little variegated octupus fellow wearing a skirt.

Shannon friendship braceleted and generally chatted a lot, Tess did some super stitching. Sian and Kate did knittings. Susie slippered, Claudia grannied and Eva accomplished stitch counting, petal making and produced a beautiful crochet flower.

Katie brought home-made cookies (yummy tasty treats) and generously gifted on some craft publications that just simply wouldnt fit on her bulging book shelves no longer - they went to good homes, they were much appreciated. And Gaby made Raspberry Ripple soap! yes its true she did! and we got to slice some off the big cakey looking soapy block with a crinkle cutter and take some home - lovely.

And me, I just wandered around a lot with my clipboard and had a nice nice time.

So that is how it was. Like I said, it was great. Thanks to all that made it so.

Look forward to seeing you at the next gathering ~ Tuesday 4th October ~ stay tuned for more details, I'll post post on here on this here blog a couple of weeks prior.


sue x

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