Friday, September 9, 2011

Canberra Brown Owls - Crochet on Saturday 17 September

Hello Canberra Brown Owls!

It's been a year since we did any crochet, so due to popular request we are doing it for the September 17 meeting from 2 - 4 pm.

I thought we might offer a couple of options for you - because some have never crocheted before, and some have crocheted a little but want to learn how to read a pattern.

So for beginners we will start you out by doing a granny square like this one, but perhaps less colours, just until you are comfortable.

Granny Squares

Then for those who can crochet but want to learn how to read a pattern, you have two choices.


One is to download this pattern for the Urban Shells scarf from here. It's a free pattern, and so pretty. The pattern is in US terms, but I will teach you how to translate between British and US terms. It's very easy!

The other option is to find a pattern you've always wanted to make but had no idea how to start it. It might be a ripple rug, or a washcloth, or a lacy shawl! Just so long as it's not tunisian or broomstick lace we should be fine (that's not to say there won't be someone at Brown Owls who knows these things! It's just not me!)

Want some crochet-y inspiration? (you'll need to join, but it's free, and so much fun!) Attic24 would have to be one of the nicest crochet sites!

What you need to bring:

For beginners:
* 8 ply (otherwise known as DK) yarn in one of a few colours. Wool is best - much nicer to crochet. But it's up to you!
* 4 mm, 4.5 mm or 5 mm hook - there will be some spares you can borrow on the day if you come up short.

For those wanting to make the urban shells scarf:
*A copy of the scarf pattern (linked above)
*300 m of DK/8 ply yarn
*4.5 mm hook

For those wanting to know how to make something from a pattern
*Your pattern of choice
*the supplies that pattern tells you to use.

As always, please bring $5 for the hall hire, a small plate of afternoon tea to share if you like, and any crochet projects you want to show and tell!

PLEASE RSVP! We don't like putting out tables and chairs for people if they are not going to show up!

Michelle, Bron, Naomi and George.


Michelle said...

I'll be there!

SilverStar said...


I don't really know what a Brown Owl is but I came across your May learn to crochet post and then couldn't believe my luck that you're also doing another crochet so soon.

The birth of my second and last baby is fast approaching and I'd feel a huge sense of accomplishment to make something as gorgeous as these pieces on my own.

The pattern for the cowboy boots is here:

I've never crochetted before but I've knitted a huge quilt and can follow a pattern really well. I'm also talented in the art of googling stitches I don't know how to do.

I thought it worthwhile learning to crochet if I could then go on to make something this special for my little person.

If Brown Owls isn't an exclusive group my Mum and I would love to come along and learn crocheting basics. I haven't had much luck finding a crochet course in Canberra!


Bron said...

Sound fun Michelle - I'll be there!

Hi Lana!
Yes - we'd love to have you both along!
Brown Owls is super open and friendly, and we love to meet new people - especially other people with crafty interests just like us!
Hope to see you there!


SilverStar said...

Thanks Bron, we're really looking forward to next Saturday!

My Mum and I have been practising using the videos that were posted in the last crochet session and we can now sc, dc, tr & hdc. Best part of all we've made the soles of the cowboy boots! (big progress since I'd never even tried crochet as of yesterday!)

Would you be able to post the address pretty please, I don't seem to be able to find the location listed?


Michelle said...

Hi Lana,

It's held at the Downer Community Centre in Frencham St, Downer.


Anonymous said...

will miss you all this month but will see you October. Sandra A

Anonymous said...

I'll be there! Naomi

Kelly said...

I'm planning on coming again... small child permitting.


Anonymous said...

Hi, this crocheting novice would like to come.
Thanks, Jen

nettie said...

Yes! I'll be there.

Unknown said...

Count me in AND I'll bring the much fabled rainbow granny stripe with me as well. (You'll just have to forgive the dog hair as it's now in use... )

Anonymous said...

I'll be there.
Llama Helen

Unknown said...

I'll be there...and I'm bringing a new person along with me - so make it two please!

Anonymous said...

I'll be there! Looking forward to catching up with everyone.


Carolyn McPherson said...

Drats, I can't make it this month and I SO LOVE crochet. Soccer presentations for the kids are calling or should I say clashing that very afternoon!


Jo said...

Hoping to make it along- depends on the health of small person who had surgery yesterday.