Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Chapter?!

Hi guys,

Sorry, it's been so frantic in the Land of Mike - and my email is playing cat and mouse a bit.

If you have sent me an email about new Brown Owls chapters, anywhere, everywhere, can you please send it again :: with New Chapter Application in the subject line! I'm processing them tomorrow and sending Blog invites too!

Merci for understanding! And sorry to make you double up!

Love Pip


Michelle said...

I sent you one about our old chapter going on again ages ago - do you need me to re-send that too??

Drewzel said...

Hi Pip, I just happened to resend ours yesterday... would you like another email?

Bec @ honi design said...

Hi Pip :) I've re-sent you an email re-registering the Sydney group that was running last year. If you could add us into the side bar that would be lovely :)

meetmeatmikes said...

Michelle : You guys are fine!
Steph : I just processed your app! Ace! Thanks!
Bec : You're fine too! xxx


Hi Pip

I sent you an email about starting an Auckland chapter and couldnt seem to find the application on your page?? Is it staring me straight in the face???