Monday, August 23, 2010

Yarraville September meet

If you fancy joining me is some crafty fun then come along to Brown owls, Yarraville.  Everyone is welcome, no membership needed, just rock up, have fun then go home! Bring whatever you are working on, books, exciting finds anything you like!

Date: Monday 6th September
Time: 7pm-9.30
Place: Yarraville community centre.  We are in the lovely building on Francis St.
Cost: $3, plus change if you want a cuppa and cakes if you want to be my BFF
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emsveen said...

I'll be there with bells on and cake!

Jodi said...

Hi there, I have just come across this post from 'meet me at mikes' and I would love to come along. I have 5 children, so it is not easy to make time for me to be night is perfect, do I just bring along something I am working/starting? Anything else? Thank you, Jodi.

Vintage Ragamuffin said...

Yes! I shall be there

Anonymous said...

Would love come. Kathryn

Casie said...

See you tonight!

Kathryn said...

Hi so sorry that I am unwell and unable to come tonight- I am really disappointed to be missing my first meeting but will keep checking the blog so I can make next time. Have fun crafting and look forward to meeting all the Brown Owls soon!