Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Melbourne - Monday 5th October - BYO Craft, Wine and Cheese

When : Monday 5th October
Where : Fitzroy Learning Network - WOOD ST entrance
What Time : 7.30pm - 9.30pm
What : BYO Crafting!
Bring : a bit of cheese or dip and some wine if you would like!
We'll have tea and coffee on hand - and a corkscrew too!
Who : 20 spots available
Swap? If you'd like to do a crafty swap - bring your swap along - and comment below too!

RSVP on this post if you would like to come.

xx Pip


AMM said...

I would love to come.
Andrea M

Kell said...

Yes please Pip. I've been having Brown Owl withdrawals!!
Kellie S

kim bagot said...

can't wait to see some lovely owls again,
kim b

Anonymous said...

I'll be there cheese, vino and crochet in hand!
Shannon R

frangipanisue said...

yep, defo count me in, hoorah!

Katie V said...

I'd like to come please!
Katie V

Unknown said...

I'd love to join! Danya

Martta said...

Yay! I was hoping there would be a meeting soon (positive thinking obviously works. next I'm going to try it on my essay. who knows maybe it will write itself?)


Unknown said...

Ja bitte, mit crochet! Emma G

neridac said...

Hi Pip, I will be there with some nibbles and maybe a new scarf to start on!
Nerida C

Leah said...

Thanks Pip, count me in.
Leah D

Nicole Johnston said...

me too,
Nicole J

Cindy said...

Yes please Pip
Cindy H

Karen C said...

Looking forward to seeing some owls again. Should be a hoot (sorry).
Karen M

Jobie said...

I'm there! With some lovely cheese and biscuits. Or maybe some fruit
Joanna F

Cindy said...

Don't know if I will be able to make it tongiht. Bloody daylight saving has sent the kids a little loopy. Fingers crossed.

Katie V said...

I'm afraid I won't be coming.
I've had a pretty stressful time of it lately and I think I'm coming down with something. But you-all have fun! xx
Katie V.

Unknown said...

had to work late, and don't think i can make it! have fun ladies, and hope to see you next time.