Thursday, September 3, 2009

Your favourite crafty tools!

Much like my photos, Sydney Brown Owls last night was a bit of a blur. Time goes so fast when you're having fun. Last night, we chose the theme bring a favourite or unusual tool for show and tell. I thought I'd mention some of the gems that Sydney gals can't get along without:

- chopsticks for turning corners and filling fiddly softies
- clover hera markers for scoring fabric
- clover finger presses for opening seams
- ergonomic clover crochet hooks to make life a little better
- colour wheels for picking shades
- sample yarn charts for buying wools
- clover yoyo makers
- mylar piecing templates
- fine grade sandpaper for keeping fabric templates from slipping
- fiskars - christina re paper slicers
- self-healing cutting mats
- bias makers in every brand

- wood-handled awls for papercraft
- millinery turning rods for turning thin straps
- bodkins for running ribbon and elastic
- triangle blade snappers for utility knives
- boning tools for folding paper
- jam jar scrapers for the kitchen
- and this:

the Sydney gals would love to hear about your favourite crafty tools! If you've got a great secret up your sleeve, do share here in the comments or leave a link to the tools on your blog!

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