Wednesday, September 30, 2009

'Knitting Nancy' Adelaide Fringe Exhibition Opportunity

Calling all Adelaide owls crochet & knitters!!!

Guess what? The Adelaide Brown Owls have been contacted by Irving Baby! (shop at 33 Twin St, Adelaide) to be a part of a knitting/crochet exhibition at the 2010 Fringe Festival.

A letter to the Brown Owls from Irving Baby!:

Hello Brown Owls,
I am inspired by your crafty skills and invite you to join me in an Adelaide Fringe Festival Exhibition celebrating knitted and crocheted hand-made treats and the lovely people who make them.The exhibition is to be called "Knitting Nancy" and will feature character portraits in pen and watercolour (by me) and lots of knitted and crocheted objects (made by you)I am interested in what inspires you to work with wool and what objects you love to make using the craft skills of knitting and crochet. Everyone has their own little woollen story to tell and I hope to capture this in the exhibition. I look forward to meeting more Brown Owls and having some fun spreading the love of art and craft.

New and Vintage Fashion

Exhibition details....

Exhibition name: Knitting Nancy

Fringe Dates: 19th Feb – 14th Mar

What it will involve: You making one or more crochet or knitted things (eg. animals, creatures, vehicles, people, food, really just about anything) which represents your personality. Your item/s must be ~15cm or bigger so as to reduce shop theft (or if you make little things they could be placed into a glass cabinet). Your item/s can be up for sale at the exhibition if you wish (20% of sales will go to Irving baby as commission). However if your creation was made from a purchased or copyrighted pattern you won’t be able to sell it (unless you have permission of course).

Exhibition location: Irving Baby! shop on Hindley Street.

Payment: $20 to contribute to the total $330 Fringe Visual Art Exhibition registration fee.

Perks: Seeing your own artwork in a Fringe exhibition and being able to call yourself a Fringe Artist - WOW! Each individual artist gets a Fringe Artists Pass entitling you to discounts on some events and merchandise, and advertising through The Fringe Guide and website.


If you would like to join us in this exciting adventure please email us at with the following extremely important details:

- First Name & Surname,
- Contact Phone Number/s,
- Email address,
- Home Address and
- An artist’s statement/short paragraph about your crafty adventures (why you like knit/crochet, what drove you to begin crafting and/or the inspiration for your knitted/crochet item/s)

All by… Monday 5th October (we have to have the submission in to the Fringe Office on the 16th). Money can be paid at the next Brown Owls meeting on the 14th Oct or we can send you bank details to send the $20 straight to us.

Please email us at if you have any questions.


Let’s show Adelaide how fun, creative, quirky and cute crocheting and knitting can be!

From the very excited Cathy, Cherry, Tracey & Irving Baby!


Cherie Wilkinson said...

Ah excellent! I can't for the life of me think what to make though.
What sort of things are people thinking about making? Clothes? toys? tid-bits?

Cherry said...

So excited! Count me in. I'm thinking of making a mini version of my handbag. Plus will do an owl or two. Oh and maybe a teaset - so many things!

Umatji said...

Well, that will encourage me to get going on my crazy crochet! Where to from here?