Friday, February 5, 2010

Report from Brown Owls in Finland

Hi Brown Owls on the other sides of the world,
This is the lonely Finnish Brown Owl reporting about January activities. Unlike you summer girls, we are having the wonderful winter of childhood memories with lots of snow:

January's theme was charity, and learning something new. The charity project this time was summer camps for children with long term illness. Jackie is one of hopefully many who organizes pillowcases to be sewn and donated to the organization Hole in the Wall Gang. Each child coming to their summer camp can take his or her pillowcase back home to keep.

The new thing I learned was the way of sewing the pillowcase after Jackie's tutorial like this:

The finished pillowcases look like this:

Now the 10 pillowcases are waiting to be mailed to Jackie, who will then take them to the camp when the time is right.

The theme for February will be tatting. I will try to learn this skill which is completely new to me, so there is a good chance to make mistakes as well.

If you are in Finland and want to join me to make this a real chapter, you find my e-mail on the left sidebar!


meetmeatmikes said...

I WISH I was in Finland!
I do!
Then we could Owl along together!
xxx Pip

Ulla said...

At least it is cooler here than in Melbourne right now! We could easily whip up a nice project from my stash, even when you came with friends.

Anonymous said...

Sigh! Snow... & loads of it... *green with envy* :)

Where about in Finland are the Brown Owls? Helsinki? Turku? Are there any owls in Sweden?

Michelle, Melbourne. xx