Thursday, March 18, 2010

Adelaide - Wooden Brooches with Ruth

We seem to be on a bit of a brooch theme these days! But hey you can never have enough. This week Ruth has offered to teach us all how to make these beautiful wooden brooches!

When: Wednesday Mar 24th 7pm til 9:30pm
Where: Box Factory - Adelaide Community Centre, 59 Regent St South Adelaide
Cost: $2 donation to the Box Factory plus $4 for a kit.
Numbers: We have room for 25 Owls - the first 25 to RSVP are IN!

Kits are $4 and will contain wooden shape & brooch back, bit of super glue and the turps

Ruth has kindly offered to supply:

  • Super Glue
  • turps
  • pastels to apply colour
  • sealer
All you need to bring is:
  • A small photocopy (slightly larger than a 50c) of an image that you like. Note - the image MUST be photocopied on a carbon photocopier (it cant be laserjet printer as it contains no carbon and thus wont work!)
  • a little paintbrush
  • a lead pencil
  • a fine felt tip pen in black (we will have a few spare on hand)
If you are stuck for an image or not sure if the one you have is from a carbon photo copier we will have some for you to pick from.

You need to comment ONLY once when you RSVP with your name and initial (eg Cherry G! Kit Please). Please only RSVP for one person on your comment to keep it fair.

See you on Wednesday!

Ruth, Tracey, Cathy & Cherry


Unknown said...

Ooh I'd love to do this one but kindy governing council has changed their meeting date again to Wed night. Ratbags :( Have fun! Mel W

Gillian R said...

Dang, I'd love to do this too but alas, I also have kindy duties that Wednesday night.... Booo hooo, I'm having Brown Owls withdrawals!!!!

Anonymous said...

This sounds great. Count me in for the wooden brooches. I suspect I don't have a carbon photo copier - so I'll probably need a picture too.

I can't wait - I haven't been to Brown Owls in ages!

Marlene R

Anonymous said...

I'd love to come and do this one, but i'm carless that night :( i think i'm having Brown Owls withdrawals too. Cat M

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I can't wait. I will DEFINATELY BE THERE. No excuses at all. I'd love to do the brooch too. Yippee. Susan D

Anonymous said...

Please count me in, it will be my first meeting :) My name is Diana H.

Are all photocopiers carbon photocopiers? Is there an easy way to tell??

I'm really looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...


Deb M. said...

Yes please - I've admired them before and wanted to do one. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Yes I'll be there and would love to make a brooche

Angela B

Emma Mill said...

I will be there. Cannot wait. The brooches look beautiful. Emma Mill

Alice said...

I'll be there and would love a kit. Thanks Alice E

Anonymous said...

Carla here, so looking forward to what Ruth is going to show us! yay

Donna said...

I'd love to make a brooch! See you all there...

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I'll be there, but you'll need to be ready for someone new to Brown Owls with plenty of crafty desire, but little skill or experience!!

I also don't have access to a carbon photocopier so if I could get an image that would be great too.
Looking forward to it!


Anonymous said...

i will be there and so will julie hugs

Anonymous said...

I'll be there, these look sooo great, i'll need a kit.

Vanessa M

Anonymous said...

Chelsea will be there too and she'd like a kit.

Chelsea M

adele d said...

me me me pls plus kit!!!

wilbs said...

i'll be coming.

michelle w.

apparentlyjessy said...

I would love to do this craft, but am a recent member of the Mitchem brown owls. Would I be allowed to attend the city one?

Anonymous said...

Woohoo. They look awesome. Can't wait.

Kit please!
Ceri S

Anonymous said...

Ooops sorry Chelsea and Vanessa M can't make it. Work getting in the way.
Next time "Gadget".
Have fun.

Megs said...

I will be there! It has been a while, but I'm looking forward to it.
I would like a kit too please, and I will need a pic as no access to said photocopier here.

Looking forward to it,

Megan K.

Anonymous said...

So sorry for the late notice, but I won't be able to make it as something has come up.

Next time I hope!


Carly B

prashant said...

This sounds great.
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Georgia said...

I live 3 hrs north of Melbourne. Is there any way I can download the instructions and buy materials from you?? I would love to learn how to do this!