Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sydney Brown Owls - Ideas, anyone?

As self appointed "Miss Minutes" at Brown Owls meetings, I jotted down some things into my trusty little notepad throughout the course of the meeting. 

Lisa has already outlined our meeting schedule for this year - if you have any issues with this, please comment as we can only change things if you say something! 

The girls that were there on on Thursday night were chatting about what we'd like to do this year in Brown Owls. The idea of theme nights came up - there is so much lovely craft that we would like to try. Crocheting was the main craft that was mentioned on the night. Marion advised that maybe her mother-in-law, Shirley could come down and be our expert for a meeting or there are crochet classes available at places like Tapestry Craft that we could go to. 

Image from here.

The idea of experts coming in and teaching us new tricks generated a lot of excitement. If you know of anyone that would like to come and teach us a new craft, comment away!  

The thought of going on some excursions was also mentioned: Quilt Indulgence Festival, Stitches and Craft Show, markets, a Fabric Frolic - the possibilities are endless! 

We were also chatting about bringing little things to do a swap in our meetings, that way you can show others what you can make and you can see what other girls can do! 

All of these things are just ideas - do you have any ideas of what we can do? Remember, this is your group! So the more, the merrier. It really is only limited by our imagination (and organisation skills!) 


meetmeatmikes said...

That sounds great! Go Sydney!!!!

Amy Badskirt said...

Here's a few themes that I'd like to visit - bookbinding, stitches for handquilting, textile design and fabric printing, button embroidery.

I know a few gals in the group are already pros at some of these and I know a few gals who might be able to help with others. I'd be also happy to cover english paper piecing (hexagon quilts & bags) if anyone is interested.

I can't wait for the next one!

lisa :: the red thread said...

With the swap idea we also talked about swapping things like fabric pieces, buttons, etc... basically any craft materials we'd like to swap.

Corrie said...

hi girls!

I missed out hoo but hope to be at the next one

I'm happy to teach knitting, crochet and hand quilting!!!! my mum is also an ace crocheter and I could bring her with me! It would be great to learn from each other


Verimaz said...

I'm still confirming if Shirley can make it (depends on choir night), she is also a mad quilter too so could no doubt have something to share on that too.

Hello Sandwich said...

Hello! I thought Sydney memberships were full and a second Brown Owls club was about to be formed? Is this right? xxx