Friday, March 6, 2009

Sydney Owls Had a Hoot!

The Sydney chapter of the Brown Owls met last night for the first time and we had a great night. Thanks to all of you who made it, and for those who didn't we look forward to meeting you next time.

We had 10 crafty girls at our meeting and we shared lots of laughs, craft ideas, tips and shops, and yummy food. Amy made the cutest owl button gifts for us all, and Jess baked up a sweet storm. Amy and Bell did a fantastic job putting together 21 're-stash a crafter' packs. And we all got creative.

Wednesday nights seem to suit everyone, so our plan for future meetings is to make it the first Wednesday of every month**, and we will rotate venues between Lower North Shore, Inner West, and Inner East. We will confirm venues as soon as we can. This is our plan at the moment:

1st April - Inner West
6th May - Inner East
3 June - Centre House, Lane Cove
1 July - Inner West
5 August - Inner East
2 September - Centre House, Lane Cove
7 October - Inner West
4 November - Inner East
2 December - Centre House, Lane Cove

**If you were unable to make it last night and Wednesdays don't suit you please let us know and we will work out some other day(s) that we can rotate.

We discussed the idea of having some guest crafters attend our meetings from time to time to teach us new skills. Suggestions were crochet, needle felting, and book binding. So we'll be working on getting that happening.

Our crafty librarian Jess took notes last night and will post about our plans in more detail later.

We can't wait for next month!


Jessica Lonard (The Crafty Librarian) said...

Just letting everyone know I will be posting more about future plans very shortly!

Crochet fish fillet said...

I missed the first meeting and am very upset! Needles to say I am bursting at the seams in anticipation for the next one! Crochet all the way!!

Catherine said...

oh! i missed the first meeting too cause of work.
needle felting would be awsome, i have already done some before and wouldnt mind sharing my skills
counting down to April 1st!