Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Perth Brown Owls - schedule for 2009

Howdy owly-type people. Us Prefects have gotten together and have scheduled our meetings for the rest of the year. Venue to be confirmed, time 2 to 4pm.

28 March - Easter Crafts. Bring your Easter crafty gifts along.
CHANGED, now 2 May. (previously 25 April)
30 May
27 June
25 July
29 August
26 September
31 October
28 November
12 December - Christmas Extravaganza!

Photo: totally pilfered from JessyB.


Gilly said...

Thank you super organised Mother Owl...has Pip given you an owl name...I think it should be Mother Owl :)

felicakes said...

I agree with Gilly. Mother Owl. :*) Those owletts (as my friend calls it) were soooooooo cute. Everyone was gushing over them. Good Job.

Cant wait for the next meeting.

Lela said...

Ooo thats my little girl owlett on the right.

Juliana said...

Great!! Viki and i missed the last meeting, but we will see you all on May 2!!

What's happening with the venue...need ideas?