Sunday, March 8, 2009

Canberra Brown Owls - a stitching tea party!

Hi Canberra Brown Owls!

Our next parliament of owls will be on Sunday March 22 from 2 pm to 4.30 pm, at the Downer Community Centre (enter from Frencham St, Downer). To cover the cost of the hall, we are asking for a $6 contribution per month. See the bottom of this post for the other Brown Owls dates!

The prefects have put their collective owly heads together and decided to hold a stitching tea party for our second meet! There will be tea and coffee and tasty treats, and stitching to be done.

Sublime Stitching hankies

Stitching hankies is a good place to start. We will have a heap of books and stitchery patterns for you to trace, or you can bring your own patterns from the internet or your home library! If you like, we can make up a kit for you for a few dollars (to be advised) with a blank lady's hankie, some embroidery floss and some needles. Just give me a week's notice so I can rustle something up for you.

Of course, you're not limited to hankies! You might like to bring along a blank pillowslip to stitch, or a shirt! We recommend stitching something white to start off with, though, as it's easier to trace! There will be a lightbox there for you to use.

Stitched pillowcase

Maybe you want to bring your own patterns along? Sublime Stitching patterns are great - you can either trace them or iron them on (great for the darker colours!), and you can order some online here or here. There are also a couple of online sites which offer free stitchery patterns. Do a google search to see what you can come up with!

So here's what you do -

  • Comment on this blog post to let us know you are coming and if you would like a kit made up for you
  • Bring a plate of teatime goodies to share if you would like to.
  • Bring a small embroidery hoop, a pencil, embroidery floss, embroidery needles and the thing you want to stitch, unless you would like a hankie kit! Bring your stitchery patterns too if you have them!
  • Bring change for your tea and coffee
  • Your kids are welcome of course! Bring some stuff for them to do, though. There is plenty of space for their crafting or activities, and a little area for running around outside.

We're looking forward to seeing all the lovely Canberra Brown Owls again!


Canberra meets for the rest of the year. Time is 2.00 to 4.30pm

Sun 22 March

Sat 18 April

Sun 24 May

Sun 28 June

Sun 26 July

Sun 23 August

Sun 27 September

Sun 25 October

Sun 22 November

December to be announced!


Michelle said...

Me! I'll be there for sure!

Michelle L

Bron said...

Ooh, I can't wait!
Bron S

Emma said...

I'll be there!

I'm going to bring my own stuff, so I won't need a kit.

Emma A

twitchy fingers said...

You rock Mick - I'm in. Naomi D

Also, I think the October date might be the 25th and not the 26th...

Michelle said...

I would love to come. I will bring my own stuff too.

Michelle W

Michelle said...

Oopsy! Thanks Naomi/Screech. I've now fixed the original post.

Lea said...

I plan to be there - i tried to comment the other night but blogger wouldn't let me. There is a slight chance I will be away - but am very happy to pay the $6 if I am to make sure it happens. Can I please have a kit too? I haven't emroidered for 20 years so this is quite exciting!

Unknown said...

I'll be there. Am happy to bring my own stuff, but will need some serious help - never done it before! Yikes!!

Bec said...

I'll be there with the little miss and mister in tow as well ;-)

Picked up a hoop, needles and a teatowel at spotties today but was completely overwhelmed by the colour options in the thread isle!


Bron said...

oh yes - the colours can be crazy overwhelming!!
At Big W you can get sets of 12 different colours of cotton embroidery thread for about $3 - I'm not sure how good quality they are, but good for getting aa assortment to play with =)

Georgie said...

I'll be there, of course! Can't wait!

cristy said...

I plan to come along. Just rejoined Brown Owls for the year and am excited that there is a Canberra chapter now.
If kits are on offer then I'd be keen to buy one. Otherwise I've gone some stuff lying around thatvI could bring to sew.

Anonymous said...

I'll be coming along and like Sprouts would be happy to pay the $6 if for some reason (kids, colds, acts of god) I can't make it. I will bring my own project but do need an embroidery hoop. I'll scout around Belconnen and try and pick one up. Thanks again for organising.

Joanne said...

I've just purchased a membership and hope to make it. Is it too late to order a kit?

Michelle said...

So I have kits for Joanne, Cristy and Knittingsprouts. Did I catch everyone? I'll make them up on Saturday and bring them on Sunday.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Michelle said...

And an RSVP from Daina D - a new member!

Heather said...

I'm new- and Ill be there! With plenty of cupcakes!!