Saturday, March 5, 2011

Adelaide Owls - Poached Eggs

Yes that's right you read correctly. At Owls this week I've offered to teach anyone who is interested how to poach an egg!

Guess it's not completely craft but there are a few of us that would like to learn. Of course BYO craft is always an optinon.

If you'd like to learn to poach an egg (and eat it too) bring along a $2 and I'll supply all you need for poached eggs on english muffins. Yummo!

RSVP by commenting and please let me know if you are joining in the poaching.
--Edit --
Just realised I forgot to add the when/where etc (what a goose!)
Next meeting 9th March
Same place, Box Factory Regent St Sth Adelaide
Same time, 7pm til 9:30
Bring a friend! We'd love to see some new faces


Unknown said...

Oh yes! I am definitely going to do this one. Mel W

Megs said...

what a crack up (no pun intended!), poached eggs! Guess that will mean I won't need to eat dinner at 10pm when I get home! Count me in. Pick you up on the way Donna?

Tracey said...

lol. how cute, and yummy.

I have NO clue how to poach an egg, note to all Glad Wrap parcels don't work very well,so this sounds awesome.

I hope to be there xxx
Miss you all

Donna said...

Count me in too!!! Tracey - Zip Loc bags are slightly better than the glad wrap idea!
Love a ride, Megan - thanks!!

Anonymous said...

It's my birthday on Wednesday so i won't be there this time however would love to hear how you do your poached eggs. love Sue

Anonymous said...

I can't poach an egg to save myself! So, I guess I had better watch and learn - won't eat it though - I hate eggs, but it will be nice to make one for Mr D! Susan D

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone:)
I'd love to make poached eggs.
I'll be there!

Anonymous said...

hi will be there and so will julie will do the poached egg sounds yummy

Emma Mill said...

I'll be there too. Poached eggs sound great. Emma