Thursday, March 3, 2011

Preston Brown Owls

Hello Preston Owls!

Our first meet of the year is finally here....Yippee!
Everyone is welcome to join us, even if your new and a bit shy...everyone is really nice I promise.

DATE: Sunday 6th March
TIME: 2- 3pm
WHERE: Pearl Oyster Cafe- 114 Miller St, Preston (stop 37 on the 112 tram)
WHAT: bring along something crafty you can work on.
COST: free- but might be good will to purchase a cup of tea or coffee.
RSVP: in the comments section if you'd like to come along.

NEXT MEETING: Sunday 20th March- can't wait to see you all then!

heart Keti


Kathryn said...

Just RSVPing- Looking forward to catching up for the first time in 2011

Anonymous said...

I'll be there!


keti said...


Anonymous said...

RSVP me in

Cheers Frances