Tuesday, March 29, 2011

:: Chapter Details : Let's Update!

Hi Owlettes!

I have been getting lots of queries about Brown Owls!  That is GOOD!  But I realise that I am not sure who the current contact is for some chapters.  And I also realise that we need an up to date listing on this page!  If you are running a chapter, please do comment with the official name of the chapter, contact email address and any Facebook or Google Group info.  That way we can be sure to have a more current list here, and also make sure that new members can contact you!

That is ACE!
Thank you!

xx pip


amelieandatticus said...

This is Thouraya Battye of the St George and Sutherland area Brown Owls in Sydney...we post on this page and the brown owls facebook page. My contact email is: thouraya13@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Pip It's Kaz
I am running the Melbourne Outer Eastern Suburbs Brown Owls. I post on this blog and on the Brown Owls Facebook page. My contact is Crafttea @hotmail.com

Michelle said...

George, Bron, Naomi and I are still running Canberra - the details are the sidebar and are correct!

Michelle said...

Oh - and we only use this blog to post.

Big and Little said...

Is there a Brown Owls group in the Mornington Peninsual area. I would love to join one.

Ulla said...

Hi Pip, I'm still running my one-person Finnish Brown Owls and the information is correct. I will post on this blog only, just for fun, some time soon. I would be happy to have someone join me so we could be a group.

Shannon said...

Hi Pip!!
Could you please add me as a contact for the Southside Brown Owls Chapter (Shannon) and my email address (ladygrey7@hotmail.com)
Thanks so much!
We had so much fun on our first night, and will be posting more on the blog soon!!
Shan xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Pip, Megan and I are running a Perth chapter in Bayswater. We are calling ourselves 'Perth Brown Owls' though because we have people from all over at the moment. We post on http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_205597426133961.

I also post on my blog- sarahhodgsonblog.blogspot.com and on here of course. We can be contacted at shodgson@westnet.com.au or silverthreadsofhappiness@gmail.com.

Allana said...

Hi Pip, Burnie/Somerset/Wynyard group starting next wed, I sent an email to you with details but then you got sick :(
Allana Parker
We havent got a name yet! have posted on this blog and fb page :)
Thanks Pip xx

Lisa said...

Hi Pip! My friend (also Pip) and I are running another Perth Brown Owls group - we're in Como and we post on the Brown Owls Facebook group and under "The Crafternoon Gals" also on Facebook. My email is lisablack@hotmail.com, or we can be contacted through Facebook ^_^

Miss Maggie Pie said...

Hi Pip,
This is Stacy aka Maggie Pie, and I'm heading up the Brunswick Brown Owls. My sister Kerry Anne Foster is also an admin. I can be contacted on missmaggiepieinthesky@gmail.com and we update and share stuff on our fb group, Brunswick Brown Owls. THANKEE