Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dhaka Brown Owls - every Tuesday

Dhaka Brown Owls will now meet every Tuesday from 3pm - 5pm in the Libary on the first floor of the Nordic Club. You just need an expat card to come in. There's no other cost and you'll find a group of nice people all making things together.

We met yesterday and found out that we have a cross stitch expert among us so maybe we'll have a 'learn cross stitch' get together in the future. For now we're all just bringing along what we're making and enjoying making it together.

Here's a few pictures of what we've been making.

Crochet bunting:
A knitted baby blanket in lovely colours:
A cross stitch Daffodil to remind us all of Spring in Europe. Sadly no daffodils here in Dhaka.
and I just have to show you how one of our owlette's keeps her embroidery threads, all numerically filed.
There's some wonderfully nice people in Dhaka making some truly lovely things. Looking forward to seeing you all next week and hopefully some new faces as well. xx

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