Tuesday, June 16, 2009

go gocco!

what did you do last night? i visited pip's world of gocco!

it was a magical place of wonder where wormy inky stuff...
got squished in a little blue box with flashy lights...
and out popped adorable prints of audrey the skipping girl, curious forest creatures and a little autumn poem!
we all went home with a stack of prints and dreams of one day owning our own gocco... but i think i might have to wait til i'm a real grown up with a proper job for that one. groceries before gocco, i always say.

i'd highly recommend the next demonstration for any owls who haven't had a go with a gocco yet... the word on the street is that there will be wine at the next one too. the whole process bedazzled me and i still can't really believe it works as well as it does. much the same feeling i had after the granny square session!

if you are looking for somewhere to have dinner beforehand (or before any of the meets at the fitzroy learning network), try 'lentil as anything' at the abbotsford convent, it's not too far away and you won't be disappointed! i'm becoming a regular here, it's all too easy to fall in love with their tasty vegetarian offerings and lovely warm atmosphere. the most amazing this is that you pay whatever you think the food is worth.

many thanks to our ever gracious host pip!

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