Friday, June 5, 2009

Sydney Brown Owls - Paper Piecing

Another great night for the Sydney Owls! On Thursday, we tackled paper piecing. We made balls and bowls, pillows and quilts. Flowers were patched, knots were learned and top secret fabric tips were shared. We laughed, we smiled, we chatted and we made.

16 owls joined in on the fun. Were you there? Did you post your project on your blog? Do leave a link in the comments, so we can check them out!

So much fun and we're ready for the next outing! We'll see you at the craft and quilt fair in Darling Harbour next week.


Amy Badskirt said...

I've posted my finished ball along with last night's notes, templates and links to other tutorials at:

Lauren x said...

Thanks again guys for such a great night.. i finished my ball (as seen on my blog) and will be attempting a cushion next!

Lexi:: PottyMouthMama said...

Looks so fab, I promise to be at the next one - am so sad I missed out!