Thursday, June 11, 2009

Melbourne - Aquarium Meet - For Friends and Families too - Sunday 21st June - RSVPs open Tonight at 8pm

A lovely event to meet other Owls in a more social, watery setting! Lovely Brown Owl Suze has organised for us to go and visit her workplace! She's a penguin keeper at The Melbourne Aquarium! How cool is that? LOL! That's Suze and Penguin Finn above! Suze has offered to be our extra-special guide for the morning! How great is that? Thanks Suze!

As a little extra treat, I'm going to make up a take-home Aquarium themed embroidery kits for the Brown Owls gals and a little crafty colouring pack for any kids that come too!

  • Sunday 21st June
  • Meet out the front of the aquarium at 9:20am, it opens at 9:30am
  • Kids, partners are welcome (or a friend/friends if you are single)
  • 33 people max (that includes kids/flatmates/friends/grandparents/partners)
  • RSVP with your name - and who you are bringing (eg Pip PLUS 1 adult and 1 kid (aged 9) = 3 people)
  • Price $14 per adult, $10.50 per child (normal price: adult $31.50 child $18..... bargain!)
  • PLEASE only RSVP if you intend to come - we want to get as many bookings as possible as the Aquarium have done us a great deal!
  • RSVP right here on this post from 8pm tonight!


Nicole Johnston said...

We've been planning to do this for ages - sounds lovely!!!
Nicole J plus 1 adult and 2 kids = 4 people.
thanks Pip and Suze

miss fancy said...

Hi Pip, Hi Brown Owl Suze - We'd to come thankyou! There will be 3 of us (me & husband & babe) looking forward to seeing y'all! Jessica N

meetmeatmikes said...

Just adding me in too! Pip and Max (13) and Ari (9) will be coming! That's = 3 people

Anonymous said...

I'll come. I'm home alone that weekend. So just me = 1 thanks Hannah T

polly pratt said...

I would love to come ,count Brendan in aswell so two of us.

polly pratt said...

Sorry thats Anna


Anonymous said...

YES PLEASE! It's going to be a birthday present to hubby (and me for the day before) so Lara F plus 1 adult (Dan) plus Clare (6 yrs) plus Stella (2 yrs). That's 4 people all up! Thanks so much! Sounds fantastic.

whoozqueen said...

Jodes and Pete..

Melanie said...

Yes please :) We are 2 adults + 2 kids + 1 tiny wee baby (does he count?), so 4, (or 5, if he does). Looking forward to it.

Melanie C.

Bexy said...

Rebecca N + Pete will be there - 2 total from me ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pip - 2 adults and 3 kids = 5 people.
thanks, Kerry F.

Cindy said...

Hi Pip,
Not sure if there is still room for us, it will be me, Caleb (4) and Poppy (1 - not sure if she counts as a number)
Cindy H

meetmeatmikes said...

OKEY DOKE! You are all in and we are now FULL! No more comments please! xx

Anonymous said...

Wow, full so quickly! Can't wait for everyone to meet our beautiful penguins!!