Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tu-whit Tu-whooo! Launceston Brown Owls is Go!

Well, what a hootin' great start to Brown Owls on the island! 


More than 20 lovely ladies came together last night for our very first cosy evening of crafty goodness. Everyone brought their own projects - from Buffy-inspired handiwork to Jane Austen style embroidery, beautiful softies, clever quilts, funky pot-holders and even gosh-darned tricky granny squares were attacked. The tea and conversation flowed and it was worth coming, if just for the delicious tasty treats laid on by the ladies. (Thanks for the T2 tea Suze - it was lush!)


Thanks so much to Gabbi for providing such a warm welcoming venue on a cold island night, as well as bubbles and the most precious gift packs for all of us. 


Thanks most of all to you wonderful new Launny Brown Owls who came along and shared the crafty love. 

There is plenty more to come so stay tuned for details of our next Brown Owls craft-in.

The Launceston Prefects


meetmeatmikes said...

Aw you guys are great - sorry you were missing the FULL list of members - it's been VERY hard to keep up with you avid Launnie girls! Well done to you all for getting this happening in your area! Bravo!

2paw said...

It was indeed a fun evening and I didn't even know there was a surprise gift until I was about to leave!! Well done with the photos: there is exactly the right amount of me to inflict on the Universe!! I think our island has a higher ratio of crafty people than elsewhere!!

Anonymous said...

It was a great night, the perfect mixture of wine, craft, laughter and socialising. Thanks so much to the prefects for getting it all together and to Gabby at seworld for hosting.