Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Melbourne Meet - Monday 22nd June - Craft, Cheese and Cider Night

RSVPs for this meeting will open at 8.30pm TOMORROW night - Please RSVP on this post - Places for 20 members - the first 20 to RSVP after 8.30 tomorrow night are in!

Where are we? :: Fitzroy Learning Network (in the big BACK room) -The NEW entry point to this room is at the back of the centre - The door is at 3 Wood Street, Fitzroy - It's that little dead end street where the pinpoint is below. As you can see, its off MOOR Street. Don't come to the front door on Napier Street - come to the back door

Time :: 7pm until 9pm

Date :: Monday 22nd June

Bring :: $5 for Cider, Tea and Coffee

Doing :: BYO Craft - whatever you like - (we won't be providing an activity or kits on this night) or just come for a chat! We're putting a cheesy movie on the telly.

Bring :: a piece of cheese and a box of crackers


Anonymous said...

Count me in!
Cider, cheese and craft sounds too good to refuse!
Shannon R

frangipanisue said...

Super super super, such a fine combo of delights
Sue H

Jobie said...

It'll be good to go to another meeting. I can't wait to show you all what I'm making!
Joanna F

Anonymous said...

I shall be there! Yes I shall!

Lara F

Becca said...

I thought this would be full!! Count me in!

Becca C

Kathryn said...

I am in, who could refuse craft, cheese and cider!

Kathryn M

Birdie said...

I haven't been to a meeting yet, and craft, cheese and cider sounds like the perfect first time!

Count me in,
Erica B.

kalliopi said...
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kalliopi said...

sounds lovely.
count me in!

Kalliopi V

petapledger said...

Count me in too! :)

Anonymous said...

gemma jones will be there - cheese = yay, cider = double yay

Liesl said...

I'll be there too!

Liesl C

lisa said...

count me in please, Lisa Hodson

Anonymous said...

I would love to attend please!

Linda H

Cath said...

hooo hooo hooray, I can make it to this one - just in time for cheese.

Angela said...

I would like to come along!!! :D

Princess kirstie jane said...

Just the tonic I need at the moment, I'll be there.
Also heading off on Crafty train trip the day before on the Sunday, see my blog if that sounds interesting to you.
Kirstie L

Melanie said...

Okees, I have the go ahead to come too (no cheese is safe now!) As long as nobody minds, I'll have a baby in tow - he doesn't yet go to sleep for anybody else.

Melanie C

Anonymous said...

sounds great. cheese is my number one favourite food. yum!
Sophie de G

Anonymous said...

I haven't made it to one since the first meeting! But I'll be there - Imogen B

Lisa H said...

Liesl(HoppoBumpo) and I were hoping to make it but now neither of us can. Hoping there's 2 more owls that were hoping to make it that can take our place at late notice.

kalliopi said...

Sorry i can't come tonight (eventhough i rsvp'ed to say i was coming!).. i have the flu achooo!!

hope you all have a fun night

Kalliopi V