Saturday, April 25, 2009

Brown Owls - Global Update!


Brown Owls is now running nicely in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Mongolia! Huge props to our interstate prefects and members, as well as our enthusiastic Melbourne girls and helpers like Angela and Lara and Kirsty. Fantastic. Due to popular demand we are opening up memberships for a short period in some areas :

New rural, interstate and international membership options are now up in the Brown Owls Store. Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane Metro memberships are sold out, but there has been lots of interest in other States and Cities!

Perhaps now is the time to start a Brown Owls group in YOUR area!? Brown Owls is a crafty club, where you can meet other great people and work on crafty projects, together or independently. We learn from each other, chat, eat biscuits and just have nice times. It's designed to create connections, share skills and provide a nice social time for it's members. Does this sound like something you'd like to do in your neighbourhood? Yes?! Okay, you need a venue, a few members and some crafty enthusiasm! You can follow the lead of the other Brown Owls meets - or you can Brown Owl in your own way!

Some things you should know:
  • Please allow a few weeks for me to print up and post your memberships, people.
  • Brown Owls meets at LEAST every 2 weeks in Melbourne, but MONTHLY in other areas - meeting frequency is up to you.
  • Brown Owls is a 'learn from one-another' environment - it's not a craft 'class' (although sometimes someone nice will come and teach the whole group something!)
  • Brown Owls relies on member enthusiasm and participation - so try and get involved if you are not too shy. But we like shy people too.
  • Interstate memberships are $10 per annum (to cover admin, membership tags and postage) - and $15 for NZ and International.
  • All other costs (such as tea and coffee, snacks and room hire) are covered by members (hence the importance of low-cost or no-cost venues!)
  • I've prepared a 'Meeting and Venue Charter' for the 'prefects' in new Brown Owls packs.


Sydney : There's been some interest in starting a second Brown Owls pack in Sydney. Please email me with SYDNEY WAITING LIST in the subject line if you'd like to be part of this second group. We would need to appoint some prefects to run these meets - and find a low cost venue (such as a library meeting room or community centre) too.

Brisbane : With regard to BRISBANE - same thing - we could start a second pack if there is enough interest. Please email me with BRISBANE WAITING LIST in the subject line and we'll see what sort of numbers we can come up with.

Canberra : Sold Out at this stage.

Perth : Sold Out at this stage.

Melbourne : Sold out. No further memberships available this year. Sorry.

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xx Pip

PS - If you are a member you can now get your 2009 Brown Owls Blog Badge designed by threebuttons over here

PPS - I'll post this over at the Brown Owls Blog too.

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