Saturday, April 25, 2009

BOOKED OUT : New Guest Chatter - 6th May Melbourne Meet!


Attendees are:

Kim B, Kelly Z, Cindy H, Polly Pratt, Suze M, Andrea M, Anna J, Jo K, Shannon R,
Chantelle T, Debora L, Karen C, Nycole W, Nicole J, Lara F, Kirstie L, Evie, Ebony B, Soula K, Jemma J

Only a few spots left at this meet - and we've got confirmation that lovely Lucy from uber blog The Design Files is going to pop in and let us quiz her about blogging, design and inspiration (as well as her fave sites!). Plus the ever gorgeous Angela from Three Buttons too! And I think I've got another guest up my sleeve, so fingers crossed for a third excellent speaker/chatter!

Bring your notepad and your pencil sharpener - it's going to be an inspiration fest!

Hurry hurry! (Note that a couple of the comments are not RSVPs too - so there's more space then it looks like! Seven spots at this very second!) Please don't RSVP here!

Interstate girls - perhaps we could set up some 'inspiration' meets in your area too?!

xx Pip

1 comment:

Evie said...

woops, sorry pip realise I forgot to post my name with rsvp. lucky you are too good and I still made it ; ) looking forward to this one heaps!