Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Melbourne Brown Owls - Last Night

Oh yes. We crocheted! Some people got it... and some people nearly got it. And it was a really fun night. We had so very many biscuits... and the library was a fantastic venue for our little meet! I think everyone had a great time!

Here are the refresher links we discussed last night:
I've put the instructions up online too - they are over here. Print and hook, peeps.

Don't forget to check Youtube for left-handed tutorials, lefties. And please send me photos of your granny squares too - however wonky!

xx Pip


felicakes said...

Thanks for sharing Pip. Brown Owls Perth is doing Crochet for our April/May meet and this would be cool. I will print it off for the ladies.

Evie said...

Oh that cake in the top right pic was very yummy... : )

Great night too, now that I am granny square refreshed I have a million ideas running through my head.

As usual brown owls inspires x

Cindy said...

Caleb was so excited when he saw his cake on the computer this morning, he will be even more excited when he hears he got a good review too. Thanks for another great night.

whoozqueen said...

Thank you, I had a lovely time! Finished off my first granny after coming home last night, started a new one on the tram in the morning (much to the delight of the two nannas opposite me) and will start number three tomorrow. Will be a blankie in no time. Or a scarf. Or a throw. Erm.


(pink and grey granny square maker)

Jo said...

How can i RSVP for the may 18th granny square meet??